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🚀 Discover the Art of Business Craftsmanship!

🧵 Rebekah Scott unravels the truth behind medium-sized, handcrafted businesses.

👜 From custom purses to a coaching podcast, join her chat with Tyler Martin on Think Business with Tyler.

🎧 You’ll explore the meticulous balance between custom and mass production and learn how Rebekah empowers moms to sew success into every facet of life.

🌟 Tap into the wisdom of fair wages, customer engagement, and time management – all through the lens of an entrepreneur who’s stitched her values into her work.

🐕 Plus, get a glimpse of life with working farm dogs and the reality of juggling multiple brands.

✅ Tune in for an episode packed with hard-earned lessons and heartfelt advice that will leave you equipped to craft your own business success story. #ThinkBusinessWithTyler awaits your listen!


Welcome to another episode of Think Business with Tyler, where we explore the frontiers of entrepreneurship and business strategy. Today, we are diving into the fascinating world of handcrafted business with the remarkable Rebekah Scott. Rebekah is not just a business owner; she’s a coach, author, and podcast host who has built a purse empire offering custom designs through her innovative platform designyourownpurse.com.

In this episode, we’ll delve into Rebekah’s journey of balancing the scales between stylish, organized purses and the raw reality of entrepreneurship—managing materials, contractors, and production without losing the personal touch that her customers cherish.

Join us as we discuss the challenges Rebekah faced as a medium-sized player in the handcrafting space, her strategies for customer acquisition, and navigating partnerships with pragmatism and purpose. All this while juggling the dynamics of family life, being a mompreneur, and even running a farm!

But that’s not all—Rebekah will also share some practical life hacks from her personalized academy, tailored toward helping mothers find their rhythm in the chaos of life through her five key systems.

So, tune in, as we promise you an episode bristling with entrepreneurial spirit, the joy of creation, and the relentless pursuit of balance in business and life. This is Tyler Martin, and you’re listening to “Think Business with Tyler.” Let’s get started.


Raised on the sun-drenched prairies where the art of farming and ranch life courses through her veins, Rebekah Scott’s life is stitched together by the rich tapestry of agricultural heritage. While chores and the daily rhythm of the ranch are her background melody, Rebekah’s role in this symphony of rural routine has often been more of a supportive refrain. Married for two decades to a husband with a meticulous eye for farm work, she has spent years perched on the edge of full participation, adorned in overalls and bubbling with eagerness to take part in the choreographed dance of farm life.

Yet, despite her willing spirit and undeniable connection to the land, Rebekah finds herself repeatedly relegated to the simpler task of feeding the horses—her husband’s gentle concession to her unceasing requests for inclusion. Every day, she readies herself with a hope as persistent as the dawn, that today might be the day she is finally deemed ready to join the ranks of those who tend the fields and livestock with seasoned hands.

Affectionately viewed as the perpetual kid sister at the ranch’s back entryway, Rebekah awaits her moment in the farming limelight. Her tale is one of a spirit undampened by years of joyful sideline support—a heart ever hopeful that someday soon, she will rise with the sun and not just make the cut, but master the rich and demanding chorus of ranching alongside her life partner.


  1. Rebekah Scott began her entrepreneurial ventures inspired by her mother’s joyful sewing, which led to the creation of her custom purse design website.
  2. Both the host, Tyler Martin, and guest Rebekah Scott, experience the humor and challenges of farm life as they manage cows, horses, and dogs alongside their professional work.
  3. Rebekah Scott once made a costly mistake with a catalog by seeking feedback from the wrong audience, teaching her a valuable lesson in understanding and connecting with her customer base.


Customer Connections: Feedback is Essential
Rebekah emphasizes the critical nature of connecting with the right audience to obtain relevant feedback, which is crucial for business success. She shares a personal setback involving a catalog that didn’t resonate with her customers due to guidance from the wrong demographic. The lesson here is to deeply understand one’s customer base and engage with them directly to ensure that products and marketing strategies align with their desires and needs, thus avoiding costly missteps and bolstering customer satisfaction.

Strategic Balance: Business and Life
Entrepreneur Rebekah discusses how she manages her multifaceted life, balancing business responsibilities with family and personal wellbeing. She outlines her structured routine and advocates for time-blocking to navigate creative and administrative tasks effectively. By understanding how long certain tasks take and planning accordingly, one can manage life’s unexpected events without becoming overwhelmed.

The Power of “No”: Commitment Management
Tyler and Rebekah delve into the importance of managing commitments wisely. Scott endorses the use of a polite phrase to provide oneself with the needed time to consider whether to take on a new commitment. This approach to creating a “natural bubble” when overwhelmed with requests can help preserve personal bandwidth and ensure that one’s commitments align with overall goals and capacity.

Pivot to Passion: Learning from Losses
Scott reflects on hardships, such as a failed partnership that cost her significantly, both financially and emotionally. Through this adversity, she underscores the lesson of thoroughly vetting new business ideas and partnerships before diving in. The wisdom of reevaluating potential collaborations and rigorously scrutinizing new ventures helps prevent making decisions that might lead to regrettable outcomes, thus turning losses into learned experiences.


  1. “There’s this fine line between wanting to offer custom options to my customers and the efficiency of mass production. But at the end of the day, it’s the customer designing their own products that seals the deal – it’s joy in creation that can’t be manufactured.”
  2. “In the business of custom purses, you have to be acutely aware of your material costs. It’s a dance between creating a premium, bespoke experience, and staying afloat in a sea of pricing strategies and bottom lines.”
  3. “When it came to solving problems for my ideal customer, I realized that questioning my strategies was key. I once bought a batch of brown fabric from overseas thinking it was a steal, only to recognize it didn’t resonate with my market – lesson learned.”
  4. “To any entrepreneur, I’d say surround yourself with friendly critics — those who can give constructive feedback. It’s essential to pause, reevaluate, and adapt. Otherwise, you might end up shouting into an echo chamber of your own ideas.”
  5. “It’s about crafting not just a schedule, but a life strategy. I talk about the five systems – for yourself, your family, your work, your home, and your food. It’s crafting these systems that allows you to not just survive, but truly thrive in the chaos of business and motherhood.”


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