Leadership Training & Coaching for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Lead Their Team with Less Effort and More Results

Did you know that, according to one study, only 14% of CEOs have the leadership talent needed to grow their companies?

Here’s the truth of the matter.

Leadership training is all too often overlooked.

And overlooking this crucial aspect of business growth can undermine your progress and reduce your company’s ability to grow and scale to its full potential.

At first, you (as the business owner/entrepreneur) need to develop strong leadership skills to lead your team and scale your organization.

When your business is in that 1 to 5-million-dollar income range, you are your leadership team.

You may have a few key players/managers assisting you—but really, you are the primary leadership figure.

But as your business starts to scale, and as you start to move into that 5 to 25 million-per-year area, you should be developing and building a leadership team that’ll give your company everything it needs to grow, thrive, and scale to its fullest potential.

And that’s where leadership training comes in.

You, as an entrepreneur, will want to begin this process by developing your own leadership skills.

And then, as your business grows, you’ll want to develop a strong leadership team to help you adapt and scale your business to the next level.

The Business Leadership Progression

From “1 on 1 leadership” to
“developing and growing your leadership team.”

1 on 1 Leadership

In the first and most basic leadership model (the default model for businesses that haven’t yet hit the 5-million per year level of business growth), the owner is the sole, focused leader.

During this period of business growth, it’s absolutely critical that you develop your own leadership skills so that you can lead your team into the future with the wisdom, knowledge, focus, and effectiveness required to assemble great teams, develop efficient processes, and create strategic business growth.

What Makes An Effective Business Leader?

The truth of the matter is that very few business owners understand the full picture of how to deploy effective, high-performance leadership skills in the day-to-day operations of their businesses.

Effective business leadership starts at the top. It intentionally dictates company culture, influences the business’s ability to achieve objectives, and addresses the needs and requirements of its teams to help drive the company forward in its mission.

Without effective leadership, businesses struggle with day-to-day processes—and growth/scaling becomes unsustainable and impossible.

As it turns out, the age-old wisdom, espoused by the prolific business gurus of old, rings as true today as ever:

A business is only as successful as its leadership.

This is why I focus on a range of vital and specific criteria when I train business owners and equip them with the tools and skills needed to go from ‘struggling, overwhelmed business owner’ to ‘high-performance, growth-focused CEO.’

In 1 on 1 leadership training, we dive deeply into skillsets that include:

  • Building effective company culture
  • Communication
  • Building high-performance teams
  • Empowering leadership teams for success
  • Team engagement
  • Motivation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Setting a strategic direction
  • Influence
  • Daily leadership impact
  • Effective execution
  • Handling priorities
  • Growth-focused leadership succession strategies

Building and Developing Your Leadership Team

When your business reaches a certain point in its growth lifespan, it’ll be time to start building a leadership team to help meet the growing, pressing need for focused direction and guidance within your organization.

Many entrepreneurs struggle with this part of the process. 

The truth of the matter is that building a leadership team is a very specific skill set. 

Most CEO’s simply haven’t received adequate training to help facilitate this vital business leadership function.  

In my coaching practice, I help entrepreneurs and business owners with this by providing core training in the areas of building and nurturing leadership teams within your organization—to help you scale and grow faster.

In order to successfully facilitate this step, capable high-performance leadership teams must be trained and put in place to help execute vital growth processes.

How To Build A Leadership Team

Building the leadership team ultimately starts with building yourself to be the best, most capable leader possible.

At First, You Are Your Own Leadership Team

In my leadership training coaching process (which is included as part of my Scale In 5 coaching program), you’ll learn everything you need to know to become the capable, powerful, growth-centered leader your business needs to scale, thrive, and ascend to those higher levels of success.

What Should You Do To Become A Great Leader?

The core fundamentals of business leadership coaching mostly focus on:

  • Creating a healthy company culture
  • Developing a strong and capable leadership acumen
  • Assembling dynamic, strength-based teams to facilitate crucial business functions
  • Keeping your teams focused on your company’s core values, mission statement, and purpose
  • Deploying vital business processes and procedures to equip your company for explosive growth and scaling
  • Maintaining standards of excellence, value, integrity, and authenticity as your company evolves, scales, and grows

When To Build A Leadership Team

Before your business reaches the $5 million marker post, you’ll mostly want to be focused on building yourself as a strong and capable business leader.

However, once you reach that $5 million mark and start to grow your business beyond that point (upwards to 8 figures and beyond), you’ll definitely be reaching a level where you’ll need to create, train, and deploy leadership teams to facilitate the proper growth and nurturing of your business for the future.

This is an absolute requirement for business growth—and I train business owners in these vital processes every day through my Scale In 5 coaching process.

Overcoming The Challenges Of Building A Leadership Team

As a business grows, a lack of effective strategic leadership will manifest as confusion, chaos, inefficiency, and a general overall lack of direction on the part of your business teams and departments.

Leadership isn’t only important for maintaining direction in the day to day processes.

It’s also important for helping your business to strategically position itself for forward momentum in the future.

Some of the challenges that you’ll likely need to overcome in building a strong leadership team include:

  • Poor communication
  • Conflict between team members
  • Confusion about individual roles and functions
  • An overall lack of team-focused trust
  • Performance issues
  • Leadership over-dependence
  • Work environment challenges
  • Ineffective and wasteful team meetings
  • Lack of engagement (either from the management side or the team side)

In my program, I help CEO’s and entrepreneurs overcome these (and other) challenges by equipping them with the skills required to properly train their leadership teams for future growth.

See, your leadership team should be a living, breathing, evolving organism—and it should grow organically along with your company in complete cooperative symbiosis.

If your leadership team isn’t growing correctly in step alongside your company, you’re going to have friction and conflict—and these things will stagnate your business growth and hold you back from reaching those higher-level goals.

Team Coaching

In addition to equipping entrepreneurs and business owners with the tools required to train their own leadership teams, I also offer a team coaching program designed to assist with the proper growth and nurturing of business leadership teams.

For best results, leadership teams should be fully equipped with a range of leadership skills, strategies, philosophies, and procedural tools—to give them everything they’ll need to succeed at the vital process of managing their teams and leading the business into the future.

While this program is designed to address all of the important facets of team leadership training, I focus primarily on the following values:

  • Transforming inter-business relationships
  • Getting laser-focused on the business vision, mission, values, and core belief system
  • Balancing ‘processes’ with ‘human resource potential’
  • Turning ‘confusion and chaos’ into ‘clarity and focused momentum’
  • Overcoming business ‘friction’ to increase efficiency—thus empowering teams for maximum success

When these core needs are addressed in a team-coaching environment, you basically set your entire leadership team up for success—which trickles down into your teams and helps your entire organization to thrive.

This is truly a transformative process for businesses.

Who Could Benefit From A Team Coaching Program?

A ‘team’ is technically defined as a group of people who have come together for a common purpose—bringing individual roles and identifiable goals together to become a cohesive unit that’s capable of achieving more than the sum of its parts would otherwise be capable of.

Many smaller companies never bring an outside coach into their organization for team-focused troubleshooting, training, and guidance—which is unfortunate.

Here are some examples of the types of ‘business teams’ who often benefit from team coaching programs and initiatives:

  • Senior leadership teams
  • Work units
  • Department units
  • Board of directors
  • Virtual teams
  • Cross-cultural teams
  • Family businesses
  • Teams of specialized professionals
  • Trade skill crews
  • Technology departments
  • Transportation
  • And more

The team coaching process tends to yield amazing long-term results, and serves to neutralize problem areas quickly and efficiently.

(This has shown itself to be true many times over in my own leadership team coaching program.)

It also increases company morale, and helps to ‘reset’ the whole spirit and tone of the enterprise—taking it in a more positive direction.

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