Casual Conversations With Business Owners About Lessons Learned From Running A Business

Casual Conversations With Business Owners About Lessons Learned From Running A Company

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#1 - What's the Theme of the Show

The Think Business with Tyler Podcast Show is for Business Owners, CEOs, and Entrepreneurs who want to share the challenges, successes, and failures they have experienced from running a business.

I believe as a past or current business owner, you have something to share with the audience about business ownership — it could be inspiring, educational or lessons learned.

Every episode promises to be entertaining, fast-paced, and educational with the main goal to have the audience learn from your experiences and unique perspective.

#2 - Who is the Audience?

The Think Business with Tyler Audience consists of business owners and entrepreneurs that want to better themselves in the world of business ownership and growing a business. 

#3 - What Type of Guests is the Show Best for?

1) Business Owners, CEOs and Entrepreneurs that want to share their story.

2) Former Business Owners that have something to interesting to share.

3) Authors with a book in the area of leadership, management, business systems, sales and marketing and small business.

#4 - What's in it for you?

1) A promotional budget has been allocated for this show and each show will be promoted.

2) We have a 8000+ followers on Linkedin in this demographic and plan to promote each show as well as to other social media sites.

3) We will provide you with creatives and content after the show so you can display your expertise to others.