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Welcome to a space where the well-being of your therapy practice is our utmost priority. As a business coach and advisor specializing in the wellness and health therapy space, I understand the unique challenges you face.

Running a solo or group practice is demanding, and when it comes to managing a business and its finances, it can feel like navigating uncharted waters.

That’s where I come in. My mission is to bridge the gap between your therapeutic expertise and business success.

Client Specialties We’ve Empowered:

Our Services — Your Competitive Edge:


Growth Strategy & Monitoring:

Propel your practice forward with a clear and actionable growth plan.


Understanding Financial Reporting:

Gain clarity and control over your finances with comprehensive reporting.


Cash Flow & Budgeting:

Master your finances and budget for sustained success.


Implement Profit First:

Prioritize profitability and financial health.


Pricing & Cost Analysis:

Prioritize profitability and financial health.


Applying Key Business Metric Tracking:

Stay informed and ahead with critical metric analysis.


Evaluate Compensation Structures:

Develop compensation plans that motivate and retain top talent.


Leadership & Process Improvements:

Enhance your leadership skills and streamline your processes.


Exit Planning & Business Value:

Plan your future with an exit strategy that maximizes business value.


Your Personal Accountability Partner:

Stay on track with a partner who holds you accountable and supports your journey.

Meet Your Guide: Tyler Martin

Seasoned Certified Business Coach & CPA.

With a wealth of experience and a CPA background, I am equipped to steer your practice towards financial health and business excellence. I am your partner in transforming challenges into opportunities and ensuring your practice thrives in a competitive landscape.

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