As Business Owner are You Struggling with Stagnant Profits or Unpredictable Cash Flow?

Have a Small Business CFO Help You Overcome Stressful Business Hurdles with a Proven 6-Step Plan for Consistent Cash Flow and Profitability

Find the Road to Business Success and Financial Clarity

Are you feeling stuck in the challenging cycle of running a business? You’re not alone. Many business owners like you grapple with the same frustrating issues – stagnating profits, unpredictable cash flow, and the overwhelming complexity of managing a business. It’s like navigating a ship in uncharted waters, where every decision can feel make-or-break.

But here’s the truth: these problems aren’t just obstacles; they’re signs that your business is ready for a transformation.

Introducing Small Business CFO Services

With a wealth of entrepreneurial experience and a CPA background, I am equipped to steer your practice towards financial health and business excellence. I am your partner in transforming challenges into opportunities and ensuring your practice thrives in a competitive landscape.

As your small business CFO, I understand the unique challenges you face and the importance of financial statements like te balance sheet in guiding your decision-making. My CFO services for small businesses are designed to help you achieve positive cash flow and long-term financial stability.

What sets me apart is my unique blend of financial expertise and real-world entrepreneurial experience.

I’ve successfully built and sold two businesses, giving me invaluable insights into the challenges and triumphs of running a small business.

This hands-on experience allows me to provide not just financial advice, but also practical, actionable guidance that comes from having walked in your shoes. I know firsthand the importance of having a financial expert who also understands the day-to-day realities of building a successful business from the ground up.

With this combination of financial acumen and entrepreneurial spirit, I’m uniquely positioned to help you navigate the complexities of small business ownership and achieve your goals.

Aligning Financial Strategy with Business Goals

The alignment of your financial strategy with your business goals is not just beneficial—it’s critical for lasting success. 

This synergy is where my unique background as both an entrepreneur and a CPA becomes your advantage. With experience in building, growing, and selling businesses, combined with deep financial expertise, I bring a comprehensive understanding of how to intricately weave your financial planning into the fabric of your business objectives. 

This integrated approach ensures that every financial decision supports your broader business aspirations, from expanding market reach to optimizing operational efficiency. It’s about creating a cohesive strategy where your financial goals and business vision are not just parallel tracks but one unified path leading to sustainable growth and success.

After working with me, you well wonder how you ever lived without a small company CFO.  Decisions will com easier, stress will decrease and confidence will grow.

The 6-Step Plan and Monthly Scorecard

My approach is simple yet powerful. We break down your journey into a strategic 6-Step Plan, tailored to your business’s specific needs. Each step is designed to tackle key areas – from establishing financial clarity to streamlining operations and boosting profitability.

Here's what sets this plan apart:


Target Setting:

We start by setting clear, achievable targets. These aren’t just arbitrary goals; they’re your roadmap to success.


Monthly Scorecards:

Each month, you’ll receive a straightforward scorecard. This is your compass, showing exactly where you stand against your targets – in plain, easy-to-understand language.


Prioritizing Actions:

We focus on what matters most. Each month, we identify and prioritize actions that drive you towards your targets, ensuring every step is meaningful.


Review and Adapt:

Business is dynamic. Our plan is too. We continuously review and adapt strategies to keep you on the path to growth.


Financial Expertise:

As a CPA, I bring a wealth of financial expertise, ensuring your decisions are both profitable and financially sound.


Entrepreneurial Insight:

My experience as an entrepreneur means I offer practical, real-world advice, not just theory.

No Hard to Understand Financial Jargon

In the world of business growth and financial strategy, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of jargon and complex terminology. 

But when you work with me, you’ll find a refreshing change. I believe in demystifying the financial aspects of your business with clear, straightforward communication. No convoluted jargon, no perplexing financial speak – just plain English that makes sense to you. 

This approach ensures that you’re not just following recommendations, but truly understanding them. This clarity is vital for making informed decisions that align with your business’s vision and goals. It’s about empowering you with knowledge, in a language that resonates with you, so you can confidently steer your business towards sustained growth and profitability.

Your Small Business CFO and Business Coach in One

You might be wondering if I’m more of a Small Business CFO or a business coach? Well, it’s a bit of both. I combine the know-how of a financial expert with the practical skills of a seasoned business coach. This means you get the best of both worlds: smart financial advice to keep your numbers in check and hands-on coaching to push your business forward. 

My role is all about making complex finance stuff simple and giving you the strategies you need to reach your goals. 

Think of me as your financial guide and your business growth partner, all rolled into one. Learn more about Tyler Martin.

Why It's Essential, Not a Luxury

Think of this service not as a luxury, but as an essential tool in your business arsenal. In today’s competitive world, having a clear financial strategy aligned with your business goals isn’t just nice to have – it’s a must-have.

Your Transformation Awaits

So, are you ready to move from uncertainty to confidence? From erratic growth to steady, sustainable growth? Let’s make it happen together.

Some of the Industries Tyler Has Worked With:

Take the first step, schedule a no pressure Financial Insight Session with me, and let's embark on this journey together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of CFO in small business?

The role of a CFO in a small business extends far beyond traditional financial management. A skilled CFO, particularly one with entrepreneurial experience, can have a transformative impact on a small business by aligning financial strategies with business objectives and personal goals of the ownership team.

An innovative approach like the “One Clear Path” system exemplifies the value that a strategic CFO brings to the table. This comprehensive system merges business objectives with financial goals while also addressing the personal aspirations of the business owners. By understanding and incorporating these personal objectives, a CFO can create a roadmap that drives the business forward while ensuring that the owners’ individual needs and desires are met.

In addition to providing financial expertise, an experienced entrepreneurial CFO can offer strategic guidance to optimize operations, identify growth opportunities, and build a more valuable and sustainable business. They can anticipate challenges, mitigate risks, and help navigate the complexities of running a successful business.

Furthermore, a CFO with experience in building and selling businesses can provide invaluable insights when it comes to planning for the future. They can help develop a strategy to maximize the value of the business, prepare for a potential sale or succession, and position the company for a successful transition.

In essence, the role of a CFO in a small business is to serve as a strategic partner, aligning financial management with the overall vision and goals of the business and its owners. By doing so, they can drive meaningful, lasting success and help the business achieve its full potential while also ensuring that the personal objectives of the ownership team are realized.

 What does a CFO do in a small business?

In a small business, a CFO plays a multi-faceted role that goes beyond traditional financial management. They serve as a strategic partner, aligning financial strategies with business objectives and the personal goals of the ownership team. By taking a comprehensive approach, such as the “One Clear Path” system, a CFO can create a roadmap that drives the business forward while ensuring that the owners’ individual needs and desires are met.

A CFO’s responsibilities in a small business include:

  1. Strategic financial planning: Developing and implementing financial strategies that support the company’s growth and profitability objectives while also considering the personal goals of the business owners.
  2. Financial analysis and forecasting: Analyzing financial data to identify trends, opportunities, and risks, and creating accurate financial forecasts to guide decision-making.
  3. Cash flow optimization: Implementing strategies to improve cash flow, such as reducing expenses, improving collections, and optimizing working capital.
  4. Operational efficiency: Collaborating with other departments to streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve overall operational efficiency.
  5. Funding and capital management: Securing funding from investors, lenders, or grants, and managing the company’s capital structure to support growth and profitability.
  6. Exit planning and value maximization: Developing strategies to maximize the value of the business, preparing for a potential sale or succession, and positioning the company for a successful transition.

An experienced entrepreneurial CFO brings a unique perspective to the role, drawing upon their hands-on experience in building and selling businesses. This allows them to provide practical, actionable advice on scaling operations, driving growth, and creating long-term value.

By combining financial expertise with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by small businesses, a skilled CFO can have a transformative impact on a company’s success. They serve as a trusted advisor, helping the business owners navigate the complexities of running a successful business while also ensuring that their personal objectives are achieved.

What is the importance of the balance sheet for small businesses? 

The balance sheet is a crucial financial statement that provides a snapshot of your business’s financial health at a specific point in time. It shows your assets, liabilities, and equity, helping you understand your business’s financial position and make informed decisions about investments, financing, and growth strategies.

How can CFO services help my business achieve consistent positive cash flow? 

CFO services for small businesses can help you achieve positive cash flow by providing expert guidance on cash flow management, forecasting, and optimization. A skilled business CFO can help you identify areas where you can reduce expenses, improve collections, and maximize your cash inflows while minimizing outflows.

What are the benefits of having a business CFO for my business? 

Having a business CFO for your small business offers numerous benefits, including expert financial guidance, improved financial planning and budgeting, better decision-making based on financial data, and increased profitability. A CFO can also help you secure funding, manage growth, and mitigate financial risks.

How do I know if my small business needs CFO services?

If your small business is experiencing financial challenges, such as stagnant profits, unpredictable cash flow, or difficulty securing financing, it may be time to consider CFO services. Additionally, if you’re planning to expand, merge, or sell your business, a CFO can provide valuable guidance and support throughout the process.

What should I look for when choosing a CFO for my business?

When selecting a CFO for your small business, look for someone with a strong financial background, such as a CPA, and experience working with small businesses in your industry. Your CFO should also have excellent communication skills, a strategic mindset, and the ability to translate complex financial concepts into actionable insights for your business.

In addition to these qualifications, it’s highly beneficial to choose a CFO who has a proven track record of successfully growing and selling businesses. This hands-on experience brings a unique perspective and valuable insights to the table. A CFO who has navigated the challenges of building a business from the ground up and has successfully guided companies through the complex process of a sale will have a deep understanding of the key drivers of business growth and value creation.

This entrepreneurial background allows your CFO to provide not just financial expertise but also strategic guidance on scaling your operations, optimizing your business model, and positioning your company for long-term success and potential future sale. They can help you identify and capitalize on growth opportunities, while also mitigating risks and ensuring your business remains financially sound.

Moreover, a CFO with experience in selling businesses can provide invaluable assistance if you decide to sell your own company in the future. They can help you prepare your financial records, develop a compelling business case, and navigate the due diligence process, ensuring you maximize the value of your business and achieve a successful exit.

In summary, when choosing a CFO for your business, prioritize candidates with a strong financial background, experience in your industry, excellent communication skills, and a proven track record of successfully growing and selling businesses. This combination of expertise and real-world experience will provide you with the strategic guidance and practical insights needed to drive your business forward and achieve your long-term goals.

What makes Tyler Martin the best choice for your business?

Tyler Martin is an exceptional choice for a small business CFO due to his unique combination of financial expertise, entrepreneurial experience, and proven track record of success. As a CPA with over 20 years of experience working closely with business owners, Tyler has a deep understanding of the financial challenges and opportunities faced by small businesses.

What sets Tyler apart is his hands-on experience in building and selling two businesses of his own. This entrepreneurial background gives him valuable insights into the practical aspects of growing and scaling a business, as well as the strategic considerations involved in preparing a company for a successful sale. This real-world experience allows Tyler to provide not just financial guidance but also practical advice on optimizing operations, driving growth, and maximizing value.

Furthermore, Tyler has a proven system called the “One Clear Path” to help businesses achieve their growth objectives. This systematic approach demonstrates his commitment to providing structured, actionable guidance tailored to the unique needs of each client. With his financial acumen, entrepreneurial mindset, and dedication to his clients’ success, Tyler Martin is an ideal choice for small businesses seeking a CFO who can help them navigate the complexities of financial management and drive sustainable growth. Learn More about Tyler Martin or book a complimentary meeting.

What happens in the complimentary Financial Insight Session?

Our Financial Insight Session is a relaxed, no-pressure meeting where we get to know each other. We’ll meet via Zoom for a brief 15-20 minute chat, giving me a chance to understand your goals and the challenges you’re facing.

If I believe I can help you, I’ll offer you a complimentary Financial Assessment. This assessment provides an easy-to-understand, detailed overview of your business, which we’ll review together.

After discussing the assessment, we can determine if working together is a good fit for both of us. If so, I’ll outline the next steps to help you achieve your business and financial objectives.

Rest assured, this session is not a sales pitch. It’s an opportunity for us to explore how I can best support you on your entreprenurial journey.

Book your complimentary Financial Insight Session.