Why Sacrificing Your Health for Wealth is a Fool’s Game – Emmy Sobieski

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Show Notes:

Despite what you might think, you don’t have to sacrifice your happiness and health to become wealthy. You can actually have the best of both worlds, and our guest today will tell you how.

Meet Emmy Sobieski. Emmy is the Chief Operating Officer at Competitive Storytelling. She also runs her own coaching business called $100M Career. She is an experienced investor and advisor with a passion for sharing high-leverage career paths. Thanks to her 25 years of experience investing in public and private companies as well as leading, scaling, and advising tech startups, Emmy is the go-to coach for achieving financial success without destroying your life and health. She is also a published book author; her book, $100M Careers, is a must-read for anyone looking to learn strategies for becoming mega-wealthy.

Not only does Emmy believe that wealth is attainable for anyone who has the right mindset, but she’s also highly opposed to hustle culture. She firmly believes that you don’t have to sacrifice everything to be rich.

In this episode of the Think Business with Tyler podcast, we talk about some tips for achieving wealth, why you need to moonshot your career, how to overcome the unrealistic standards of hustle culture, and why your health comes first.

If you want to learn more about building extreme wealth, make sure you tune into this episode to learn what Emmy has to say.


💡 Name: Emmy Sobieski

💡 What she does: She’s Chief Operating Officer at Competitive Storytelling and a

💡 Noteworthy: Emmy is a published book author. Her book is called $100M Careers: The 5 Fastest Career Paths to Wealth Beyond Your Wildest Dreams.

💡 Key Quote: “Moonshot your career. Make it be something that just seems so impossible because you’ll probably overshoot, and it just takes so much more effort to come up with new goals.”

💡 Where to find Emmy: LinkedIn

Key Insights

Get on the path to wealth. Despite what some people believe, you don’t have to be born into a wealthy family or sacrifice your entire life to become rich. You actually need to change your approach, reexamine your career path, and look at your wealth-earning potential from another angle. Emmy explains, “This book is actually a blueprint for people wanting to have a hundred million careers, so it’s not even a clickbait. There’s 25,000 self-made households that are worth over a hundred million in the US. And it just doesn’t have to be the people that knew someone to tell them how to get on a board, the people in New York of Silicon Valley, it could be anyone that’s willing to do the work.”

Moonshot your career. If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough. So if you want to embark on the path to becoming mega-wealthy, the first thing you need to do is set higher expectations. In Emmy’s words, moonshot your career. She explains, “My message to everyone is, moonshot your career because us as human beings are so incredibly extraordinary that you can exceed your goals, and then you’ll end up in this place where you have no motivation, and it’s much harder to rebuild a whole another set of goals midway in your career rather than just having completely unrealistic career goals at the beginning, and then, of course, have realistic milestones that you can celebrate so you don’t always feel like a failure. But moonshot your career. Make it be something that just seems so impossible because you’ll probably overshoot, and it just takes so much more effort to come up with new goals.”

Hustle culture is unrealistic and unnecessary. According to Emmy, hustle culture is not good for you, and it won’t get you anywhere. It might result in making you mega-wealthy, but at what cost? Emmy says, “I want to redefine balance here because I do not believe in the hustle culture at all. That is just working to stay busy and fill your calendar on a daily basis, I say the job of my calendar is not to fill it. That is not why I have a calendar. My calendar is so that I know where I need to be at certain times, but is not to like need to be places all the time and be in a hustle culture.”

Health comes first. If you want to be wealthy, you first need to be healthy. Emmy shares her thoughts on this important matter and explains the pyramid of success. She says, “It is like building the pyramid of your career. And if you don’t have your health, which is the base of the pyramid, you can’t move up. You can’t go to the other things. And so whenever you’re like, oh, things aren’t right in my life, you look, and you go down to the lowest end of the pyramid that’s not working, and you fix that layer first, and you go up.”

Top Quotes

“I do not believe in the hustle culture at all. I believe in working like a lion where you lie around most of the time; you rest, you take in.”

“People are like, ‘Okay, I want a hundred million, what’s the first step?’ And I say, the first step is to get your health in order. Not the financial stuff, no breaking into investment banking, you’ve got to make sure that you are moving every day. You’re eating whole foods. You don’t eat sugar, you don’t eat processed foods, and that you connect with people, and you get good at connecting with people, using something called micro-moments of connection. If you have those real feelings of human connection every day, even if you’re working long hours, it is incredibly helpful for your mental health.”

“It’s like really compressing the time, but that that person is the only person in the entire world that exists in that moment. And if you can do that, that person feels such an incredible bond. And then you just cumulatively add all those up, and you actually increase the strength of your love bond between you and that person.”

“This a hundred million careers is on a continuum or a timeline, and I talk about the framework as the three Bs” break in. build equity and breakout.”

“It’s wide open. The only limitation, what I say to do in the book is you want to have a role that is a highly leveraged, a small amount of your work can end up with a large amount of returns for others and, therefore, for yourself so you want to leverage role and you want to get it in the right part of the macrocycle. And it can be in any industry that has those opportunities, that has that upswing going, and the industries that I’m familiar with, and therefore I wrote about are hedge funds, venture capital, private equity, board director and startup founder.”

“Take big calculated risks when you’re young and then keep that gas on. So you’ve got to start with big goals to keep the gas on.”


$100M Careers: The 5 Fastest Career Paths to Wealth Beyond Your Wildest Dreams by Emmy Sobieski


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