Courtney Elmer’s Antifragility Approach to Thriving in Business

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🎙️ Welcome back to another episode of “Think Business with Tyler”!

In this episode, Courtney shares her expertise on the power of episode titles and descriptions in creating subconscious demand for a podcast. She delves into the importance of analyzing the cover art of top podcasts and how utilizing different colors can draw attention and stand out from the crowd. As an example, Courtney mentions Amy Porterfield, a master in strategically using colors to create visibility and demand in the marketing category.

Courtney emphasizes the significance of understanding our audience and creating demand on a psychological level. She explains that consuming content is an unconscious and emotional decision, and dives into how we can harness this power through our podcasts.

For new podcasters feeling overwhelmed or concerned about running out of content, Courtney offers valuable advice and encourages a mindset shift from “going through a lot” to “growing through a lot”. She highlights the importance of learning and refining key aspects of podcasting to thrive in this ever-evolving landscape.

Drawing from her own experiences and epiphanies, Courtney introduces the concept of antifragility and how embracing adversity can lead to transformation and growth. She recommends the book “The Next Right Thing” by Emily Freeman, a valuable resource on discernment and decision-making in both business and life.

Listeners, be sure to check out Courtney’s website and podcast information, as well as her free educational workshops for those interested in starting or improving their own podcasts. You can connect with her on Instagram and LinkedIn, and find her podcast on any podcast app by searching her name.

I am incredibly grateful to have Courtney on the show today. Her insights and wisdom are invaluable for entrepreneurs looking to make a lasting impact and reach a global audience. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into this incredible conversation with Courtney Elmer.


Courtney Elmer is an entrepreneur who specializes in helping experts launch top-ranked podcasts. She believes that in today’s noisy world, it’s crucial for entrepreneurs to stand out and assert their unique voices. Courtney’s own distinctive accent is one of the things that sets her apart, and she encourages others to embrace their individuality as well. By enabling experts to reach a global audience with their message, Courtney aims to empower them to make a lasting impact.


  • Courtney Elmer is a Southern Belle from New Orleans and was homeschooled from fourth grade through high school.
  • Courtney was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at 25, leading her to reflect on the importance of her voice and subsequently starting her own business.
  • Despite the intense demands of her business, Courtney prioritizes self-care, as demonstrated when she listened to her body’s need and took a two-hour nap.


Crafting Magnetic Podcast Titles

Description: Courtney Elmer underscores the crucial role of compelling episode titles and descriptions in generating interest and demand for your podcast. By crafting titles that evoke curiosity and resonate with your audience, you can tap into their subconscious, encouraging them to listen. Your title is the gateway to your content, and making it magnetic can make a significant difference in your podcast’s reach and engagement.

Color Psychology in Cover Art

Description: Analyzing the use of colors in top podcasts’ cover art reveals a targeted approach to attract listeners. Courtney discusses the strategic application of color theory, exemplified by Amy Porterfield’s marketing podcast’s standout visuals. The right color choices can create visual impact and draw the attention of potential listeners, making cover art a powerful tool in building your podcast’s brand and visibility.

Leverage Antifragility for Growth

Description: Facing adversity can be transformative. Rather than simply enduring challenges, Courtney Elmer introduces the concept of antifragility—thriving because of difficulties. By reframing challenges as opportunities for growth, podcasters can harness these moments for breakthroughs and innovation in their shows. This mindset shift from surviving to flourishing can result in a stronger, more resilient podcasting journey.

Differentiation in Podcasting

Description: Consistency is key, yet differentiation is essential to stand out in podcasting. Courtney illustrates the importance of knowing your audience and what your podcast uniquely offers. It’s not only about good content; it’s about defining and communicating your podcast’s specific value. Applying this knowledge leads to remarkable growth, taking your podcast into the global top ranks by truly resonating with and serving your listeners.


  1. “Consuming content is an unconscious and emotional decision. It’s crucial to understand the psychology of your audience to create demand. By aligning your podcast cover art, titles, and descriptions with subconscious cues, you can draw listeners in and keep them coming back for more.”
  2. “Antifragility is not about being unbreakable, it’s about using those breaks to grow stronger. It’s about shifting your perspective from ‘going through a lot’ to ‘growing through a lot’, and recognizing that these challenging moments can actually be opportunities for significant personal and professional development.”
  3. “When you’re at that crossroads of facing overwhelming challenges or feeling like quitting, remember, these catalyst moments can lead to profound epiphanies. They force us to reexamine our paths and often pivot us to our realigned and intended purpose.”
  4. “Standing out in the world of podcasting is about more than just producing great content. It’s about understanding how to communicate your podcast’s value, knowing who it serves, the problems it solves for listeners, and mastering the art of selling that content.”
  5. “Balance isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s deeply personal. For some of us, balance might mean long weeks of work matched with deep rest, while for others it’s a daily ritual. It’s up to each of us to listen to our bodies and define what balance looks like in our own lives.


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The Next Right Thing, Emily Freeman




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