Chrissy Myers on Being Reluctantly Resilient

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Show Notes:

✨ 👩‍🎤 Resilience in the Face of Adversity! 🚀

✅ In this heartfelt episode of Think Business with Tyler, host Tyler Martin sits down with the inspirational Chrissy Myers.

✅ Dive into the trials and victories of juggling family life and two thriving businesses during times of profound change.

✅ Gain unique insights on managing work-life balance, intentional family time, and embracing the “reluctantly resilient” mindset.

✅ Leave equipped with strategies to revolutionize how you prioritize well-being in both personal and professional spheres – because success isn’t just about the bottom line! 🌟


Joining me is the remarkable Chrissy Myers — owner of not just one, but two influential organizations — Aui Associated Underwriters and Clarity HR. Celebrating 50 years of family legacy and five years of innovative HR solutions, Chrissy blends business expertise with a heartfelt dedication to service.

We’ll be exploring how she created ‘Team Awesome Sauce’ to foster a family unit built on strong values and purpose, tackling the busy life of being a single mom to a 12 and 16-year-old. Chrissy will share her journey of starting Clarity HR in response to client demands, and how it beautifully complements her insurance business to offer a unique suite of services.

As we traverse the peaks and valleys of entrepreneurship, Chrissy opens up about her philosophy on work-life balance, intentionally prioritizing family, and being fully engaged in the moment. You’ll hear how she managed business upheavals alongside personal tragedy, maintaining her “reluctantly resilient” stance during the wake of her husband’s passing and the turmoil caused by the Affordable Care Act.

Prepare for a candid conversation about the dynamics of a small office, dealing with underperforming family members in a family business, and harnessing the power of community to build resilience. We’ll delve into Chrissy’s thoughtful approach to leadership, the impact of being transparent in her book, “Reluctantly Resilient,” and how she turned internal struggle into a lesson in mindfulness and personal effectiveness.

So tighten your seatbelts for this enriching ride through the highs and lows of maintaining a legacy while steering change, all while honoring one’s roots and adapting for the future.


Chrissy Myers, a dynamic figure in her household, proudly wears the title of co-captain of the uniquely named “Team Awesome Sauce.” In the melting pot of her family, individuality is celebrated, as indicated by the three distinct last names under one roof. Her mother, an entrepreneur with a knack for building businesses, and her father, a passionate team sports enthusiast, have shaped their family philosophy around a distinct purpose: to radiate awesomeness unto the world.

With her collaborators in Team Awesome Sauce being her teenage siblings—one at the threshold of adolescence at 12, and the other navigating the complexities of sweet 16—Chrissy has embraced the role of embodying and teaching core values. The Myers family values are not numerous and abstract but instead are as cohesive and heartfelt as their team name, with each value being a letter in “TEAM AWESOME SAUCE.”

For Chrissy, her role within her family extends beyond the usual ties; it’s about leading by example and ensuring that the spirit of Team Awesome Sauce lives through laughter, unity, and a shared vision of spreading positivity. Her youth is marked by embracing a sense of team spirit that transcends the playing field and becomes a way of life for the Myers.


“In business and in life, our ability to be ‘reluctantly resilient’ can define us. It’s about pushing forward when everything in you wants to stop, especially during times when personal tragedy and professional challenges collide. It’s not just about bouncing back; it’s about moving through your pain to transform both your personal self and your business.”

“When you’re at home, be fully there. Our families don’t get the best of us if we’re physically present but mentally still at the office. Intentional time and communication with our loved ones is not just a practice, it’s a priority that can make all the difference.”

“As a business owner, you’re going to feel like a failure sometimes. You’ll burn out. You’ll question everything. But you have to know that you’re not alone. Finding a community that understands your challenges, that can laugh, cry, and problem-solve with you is invaluable.”

“It’s about coaching, not just consulting. On the HR side, we focus on empowering business owners to navigate their fears and become effective leaders. We don’t just offer a slice of services, we provide the tools for them to understand and grow in their unique business environments.”

“Having to schedule my emotional breakdowns was a clear sign I needed to recalibrate. As a leader, my well-being is inseparable from the health of my business and family. Mindfulness and intentionality are not luxuries; they’re essentials for sustaining resilience and presence in all areas of life.”


1. Chrissy Myers created “Team Awesome Sauce,” a name with a purpose statement and core values for her family.

2. Clarity HR was born from client demands and has grown organically to attract clients beyond their insurance business.

3. Chrissy Myers is commemorating her family business’s 50th anniversary with 50 acts of community service.


Embracing Reluctant Resilience

Chrissy Myers shares the concept of being “reluctantly resilient,” which emerges from her personal experience of coping with her husband’s passing while navigating significant industry changes due to the Affordable Care Act. She emphasizes the necessity of a growth mindset and maintaining a balance between grieving and focusing on business continuity. This lesson teaches listeners that resilience isn’t always a choice but rather a crucial response to life’s unavoidable challenges, demonstrating the power of perseverance in the face of adversity.

Balancing Business and Family

Achieving work-life balance is vital, as illustrated by Chrissy Myers, who highlights the importance of intentional time with family. By being fully present at home and setting clear boundaries, effective entrepreneurs can prioritize personal relationships while running a business. This lesson is about finding harmony between professional responsibilities and family life, ensuring that both areas receive the attention and care they deserve without sacrificing one for the other.

Leveraging Legacy and Innovation

Tyler and Chrissy discuss the delicate interplay between honoring a family business’s legacy and embracing innovation. Chrissy underscores the significance of respecting the past while still striving for modernization and growth. This lesson imparts to listeners the critical balance of maintaining cherished traditions within a business while also staying adaptable and open to new practices that ensure relevance and competitiveness in evolving markets.

Prioritizing Employee Well-Being

Myers advocates for a focus on the mental health and overall well-being of employees to foster a positive workplace environment. Recognizing that business success is closely linked to team satisfaction and health, she promotes practices that support presenteeism—being fully present and engaged at work—and life satisfaction. This lesson offers guidance on nurturing a supportive company culture that values the holistic health of its workforce, leading to increased productivity and more meaningful work.


1. Schedule Intentional Time with Family: Set aside dedicated time periods each week where work is off-limits, allowing you to be fully present with your family. Regular family meetings can help align on goals and schedules, ensuring everyone is on the same page and improving family dynamics.

2. Seek Supportive Networks: Find a coach or a community of fellow entrepreneurs who understand the unique challenges of business ownership. Engaging with like-minded individuals can provide valuable support, advice, and empathy as you navigate the ups and downs of running your business.

3. Embrace Work-Life Integration: Instead of striving for the often unattainable ‘perfect’ balance between work and life, integrate the two by being open about your entrepreneurial journey with your family. Share your challenges and include them in your business successes, promoting an environment of mutual understanding and support.




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