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Being a business owner often means working long-hour shifts and barely leaving the office. But if you want your business to be successful in the long run, you need to start prioritizing your well-being. Our guest will tell you all about it!

Meet Julian Hayes II. Julian is an author, executive health & performance advisor, and the Founder of, a company creating personalized high-performance health and longevity strategies for forward-thinking entrepreneurs and business owners. After one year of medical school, Julian decided to make a career switch and pursue his big dream of writing and teaching about the importance of well-being. Fast forward a few years, he’s now the host of the Executive Health & Life podcast, and he’s had 300+ articles published in Inc., Entrepreneur, and many more.

Julian believes that health is our greatest asset, and he’s passionate about helping other business leaders have peace of mind and focus on living life at its pinnacle.

In this episode of the Think Business with Tyler podcast, we talk about why you need to start treating your body as if it’s your company, how to cater to your body’s needs, why you need to ignore your current reality to reach your goal, and finally how business and health are intertwined.

If you want to learn more about the importance of self-care, make sure you tune into this episode to hear what Julian has to say.



💡 Name: Julian Hayes II

💡 What he does: He’s the Founder of

💡 Noteworthy: Julian is also an author, executive health & performance advisor, and podcast host. His podcast is called Executive Health & Life, and it focuses on key lessons for building more resiliency along with maintaining health, edge, and status.

💡 Key Quote: “Business and health are so intertwined. And there’s really never an endpoint.”

💡 Where to find Julian: LinkedIn

Key Insights


Treat your body like a business. The majority of entrepreneurs get so caught up in the everyday grind that they end up totally neglecting their physical and mental health. But business owners can’t afford to neglect their well-being because both they and their business will pay the price.

According to Julian, you should change your mindset and start treating your body like a business. He explains, “It starts with really changing your mindset and identity around this. Essentially treat your own body as if it’s your company. Think about that. And this is part of maybe what you can call a success paradox or something, where the more people get up to the success ladder chasing success, the more responsibilities they have, the more pressure a lot of times they feel.”

Everyone is unique. There are countless types of diets right now, from keto and paleo to plant-based diets. But if you want to be healthy, you need to listen to your body. Everyone is different, and everyone has different needs. Your body’s needs are unique to you, so you should take them into consideration when tailoring your lifestyle habits.

Julian explains,  “I would say when it comes to nutrition, and I think learning your genetics and everything is a good start. But even before that, think about once again, kind of going back to something we mentioned earlier, think about your psychology. Think about your personality, your lifestyle, and kind of tailor your way of eating around that.”

Ignore your current reality and keep going. When it comes to building a business from scratch, you need to have a long-term goal and celebrate small wins. The same goes for your weight plan. As Julian says, you need to ignore your current reality and just keep going even when everything seems impossible.

He says, “Ignore your current reality when you’re building something new because everything around you right now will indicate that this is not real. And this goes for weight. And this goes for also business as well. So ignore your current reality and just keep building.”

Business and health are intertwined. Business and health are much more similar than you might think. They’re both constantly evolving and changing. That’s why you need to keep setting new goals and reaching new milestones as you go.

Julian says, “Business and health are so intertwined. And there’s really never an endpoint. […] You’re constantly evolving. And just how in health, I can see someone, if they don’t keep this concept in mind, they’ll hit their weight goal, but then they won’t have the most important question is what’s next after that? And they’ll revert back to those old habits. Same thing as business. Maybe your goal was 5 million, so you finally hit that, but then you get a little complacent in everything, and what happens? The slide starts to happen. So both health and business are constantly cycle of evolving.”

Top Quotes


“Most people are afraid to do audio messages. So I’m like, I’m going to do that. Let me do that. And the thing I learned, I used to try to make these perfect, and it’s actually better when I just do these in one or two takes and let it ride and don’t have it be perfect to show that I’m an actual human.”

“The first thing was like, who are you writing to? Are you writing to the people that are reading the magazine, or are you writing to your peers? So that’s the first big mistake. Simplify this. You don’t have to show that you know these words and everything. So that was a critical lesson for me, and I could take that actually into the business world now as a lot of these concepts have fancy words, but how can you simplify it to make the person understand this? Make it so easy that a third grader could understand it.”

“Unintentionally, a lot of times, what gets left on the back burner is your personal well-being. So you’re not even coming from a place of laziness or even negligence. It just gets left out because you got these other things.”

“The most important thing is to have your personal life, your business life, and your health synergistically going together like this one beautiful symbiotic relationship. I don’t want these two to have friction and clash hits.”

“There is some fundamental things that all diets share, even the extreme ones, such as a carnivore or a vegetarian diet, they’re all going to share certain things, and that’s processed foods. So a lot of manmade foods is one of the big culprits for creating a lot of the chronic illnesses.”

“Usually, when it comes to eating and becoming healthier, there’s many different ways to reach that destination. And so it’s like traveling from Nashville to New York, there’s different ways to get there, and we’re all going to get, we’re all going to arrive at the same destination. The way you get there is different, and that’s the same thing with food.”

“Do it for the intention, not the attention. And that stuck with me throughout life that a lot of times you can see what people in our industry are doing, or you can see, hey, this is the hot trend. This is the hot wave to get on. You should do this. Are you really doing it for the right reasons? And that’s been a business model of mine.”


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