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Show Notes:

Have you been dreaming about opening your own company? Or you maybe want to quit that awful job and finally start pursuing your dreams? Our guest today says there’s no such thing as the right time to do something, so you better do it now! Still not convinced? That’s perfectly fine because this episode will change your entire perspective.

Our latest guest is Nelson Tressler, a long-time successful entrepreneur, book author, founder of more than 10 companies, investor, and so much more. But trust me, his journey wasn’t all flowers and rainbows. Despite his difficult childhood, he rose to become a top commercial real estate agent and investor, completing over $1 billion in transactions. Nelson’s current company is called IGOTSMARTER, a goal program and app that focuses on helping people not only set goals but actually achieve them. Built on Nelson’s personal experience and methods, the program increases goal achievement by 95%!

In this episode of the Think Business With Tyler, we discuss the power of goals, why creating urgency will help you actually achieve them, and how to always get back up after you fail. Tune in to get some handy tips and tricks from Nelson.



💡 Name: Nelson Tressler

💡 What he does: He’s the Founder & CEO of IGOTSMARTER, a goal-achievement program, and app created to help people succeed in every aspect of life. He’s also the Founder of 6 Months 2 Success, a unique goal attainment program that emphasizes comradery, success methodologies, and most importantly, accountability.

💡 Noteworthy: Nelson published a book called ‘The Unlucky Sperm Club: You Are Not a Victim of Your Circumstances but a Product of Your Choices’ which explores his childhood marred by murder, rape allegations, and poverty. This book can help you reject a victim mindset and fulfill your inner potential.

💡 Key Quote: “The great thing about goals is that you’re not just changing that person’s life that you’re helping achieve a goal. Goals are generational; you’re changing the generations to come. My kids are living a drastically different life than I’ve lived. Just one generation of setting goals and really focusing. And that’s what I want to do for people, not only change their lives and change their world but to change the generations to follow.”

💡 Where to find Nelson:

Personal Website | LinkedIn | Book: The Unlucky Sperm Club | IGOTSMARTER

Key Insights


Success is not easy – it takes a lot of hard work, focus, and consistency. Nelson reflects on his unique beginnings and says it’s taken him a lot of work and dedication to get to where he is now. A lot of people want to know the quick path to becoming successful, but Nelson reminds us that real life is not like that. He shares an interesting perspective in dealing with clients and ensuring a high level of success:

“In my sales career and my commercial real estate career. I always put my clients first, I always wanted to cut the best deal for them, and I never really got caught up in the commissions or the money that would be coming back to me. In fact, I was kind of superstitious. I would never figure out the commission until the deal was closed because I never wanted it to be about me.”

You can accomplish any goal you set, as long as you get back on that horse every time you fall off. Nelson realized the power of goals early in his life. Not only did he grow to become a successful entrepreneur, but he’s now also teaching others to make their goals come true. The ‘6 Months 2 Success’ program gives you the tools, support, and knowledge to achieve everything you ever wanted. But it all starts with you!

“You’re not going to be perfect when it comes to achieving your goals, we realize that, but the key is to get back up on that horse, whenever you have a bad day or even a bad week.”

The secret to goal accomplishment is creating urgency. The mind works in mysterious ways. When you want to accomplish a big goal, your mind can get in the way because there’s no sense of urgency. Nelson explains, “Our mind doesn’t work well. If our goal is, a year or five or even 10 years out, we lose that urgency, we lose that focus. We don’t realize how important what can we do a day in a day or a week or a month, and we realize that and so we really don’t work hard at our goals every single day.”

There’s no such thing as the right time to start, so start where you are now. There’s a lot of misconception around success, but it’s important to remember that every successful person has had their struggles at one point in their journey.

“Success is a lot like walking through fog, you can barely see your hand in front of your face but as you take one step after another that landscape starts to open up and you start to see it. And that’s what you need to do, you can only start where you’re at, and then start now. Don’t wait for Monday, don’t wait for next month and heaven forbid, don’t wait for New Year’s. Start where you’re at and start now and with every step that you take you’ll get closer to success.”

Top Quotes


  • “I never wanted it to be about me. I always realized the money was going to take care of itself if I did a good job for my clients.”
  • “Everybody wants it quick and easy, and that’s not the way success is, at least not what I found in my life. There were always a few quick and easy deals that happen but I think the harder you work the luckier you get.”
  • “Take twice as much money as you think it’s going to take and twice as much time as you think it’s going to take you to get up and going.”
  • “You’re not a victim of your circumstances but a product of your choices.”
  • “If one of us can do it, any of us can do it, and the only the key is to have enough time, enough energy, and enough focus, and you can accomplish your goals. Just don’t quit. And believe me, there are times that every successful person has thought in themselves, they want to quit and is this worth it, and somehow they keep going because if they didn’t, you’d never hear of them, and that’s what you need to do on your dreams and your goals is just keep going.”




The Unlucky Sperm Club Book

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