Why Intuitive Branding is so Important in Business – Sunil Godse

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Show Notes:

Sunil Godse is an Intuitive Branding Coach who guides businesses in areas such as leadership, HR, sales, and marketing to scale their businesses through trust. According to him, “your brand has only 14 seconds to be trusted!”

He teaches business owners by implementing intuitive branding within the workplace and among clients so that your business will be their brand of choice.

Learn how to stand out among the competition with Sunil Godse!

In this episode, we discuss:

1:12 – What is intuitive branding?

8:15 – What is intuitive resonance?

12:49 – A story of scaling a business from $400k to $3.5 Million revenue in 2 years

16:55 – How can CEO’s see the bigger picture?

20:30 – Common mistakes of most company make

22:52 – Long term goals for your business to make it better

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