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Show Notes:

What does success mean to you? Whether it means starting your own business or spending more time with loved ones, the first step to achieving success is to define your goals. Even if you’ve achieved some of your dreams already, give yourself permission to dream in new ways. If success isn’t what you thought it would be, give yourself permission to redefine it in new ways. According to our today’s guest, dreaming is about asking ourselves ‘What if?’.

Mitch Matthews is a business owner, author, podcaster, and success coach. He says his central professional goal is to help launch one million dreams in his lifetime and everything that he does links back to that dream. His podcast ‘Dream Think Do’ gives entrepreneurs a huge motivational boost each week. His Elite Coach program is all about helping entrepreneurs do more and be more of what they were put on the planet to do!

Personally, I know Mitch by being a student of his Elite Coaching program and instantly found myself connected to his teaching methods and easy-going style. I’m sure you’ll feel the same way after listening to this episode.

If you want to hear more about how you can redefine your goals, focus on continuous self-development, and be happy with every aspect of your life and business, tune in to the latest episode of the Think Business With Tyler podcast.



💡 Name: Mitch Matthews

💡 What he does: Mitch is an entrepreneur, success coach and creator of the Dream Think Do podcast, a weekly podcast that helps people around the globe dream bigger, think better, and do more of what they are meant to do.

💡 Noteworthy: Mitch has interviewed many well-known people including Oscar winners and New York Times best-selling authors. People like Brendon Burchard, Lewis Howes, Jillian Michaels, Sarah Haynes from the View, and many others. His podcast has been rated #1 by the Huffington Post and is in Apple Podcasts’ top 5% podcasts.

💡 Key Quote: “Dreaming is where we say, What if? What would we love to achieve, what we would love to experience? What would we love to have out there in the world?”

💡 Where to find Mitch: LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram 


Key Insights


Allow yourself to be a beginner. From hosting a successful podcast to coaching other entrepreneurs, Mitch certainly has a lot of things going on. So how does he manage to stay motivated? He says grit and perseverance play a major part in fulfilling his dreams and long-term goals. Since COVID hasn’t been gentle with any of us, Mitch says we need to add a little bit of novelty into our lives in order to stay persistent. He says the introduction of novelty could do wonders for motivation, grit, and resilience. Give yourself the chance to be a novice at something, whether that’d be a new project or a new puppy. 

Great leaders believe in you, even when you don’t. What are some traits of a great coach? According to Mitch, they need to hold you capable. Coaching is above all about building trust. In this episode of the podcast, Mitch talks about his first mentor who was instrumental in him becoming an entrepreneur. “He probably trusted me, way before that he should have. At 14, I had a key at 15 I was managing people. I was training people on how to sell, those kinds of things. And it was absolutely one of those things where he saw more in me than I did. But he drew that out.”

You need to experiment a lot in order to build an effective marketing strategy. Marketing shouldn’t be scammy. It should attract the right people to your business and give them what they need. Mitch shares some insight into their marketing efforts, “Honestly, when we designed our programs, I wanted to help amazing, authentic people who really want to build amazing, profitable businesses that make the world a better place. That truly was at the core of my Why. And so in some ways, I set that intent and that drives my marketing.”

It’s never too late to set another goal and pursue another dream. Mitch says that success is different for everyone. Oftentimes he talks with his clients about success, what it has been like for them, and what they want it to look like in the future. No matter how many goals we have already achieved, we should always give ourselves permission to raise the bar and dream bigger. “ Dreaming is where we say, What if? What would we love to achieve, what would we love to experience? What would we love to have out there in the world?”


Top Quotes


[4:41] “I just interviewed somebody about grit and tenacity and one of the things she talked about, especially because she’s been digging into the research of what COVID and this past year and a half or so have done to our psyche, and all of those things, and what it’s done to our ability to have grit and to stay with something, persistence. And she said, it’s interesting, but one of the rising factors, and she doesn’t know, obviously played a part, but it’s playing a part even more in recent research on grit and persistence, is novelty, having a little bit of novelty in your life.”

[15:43] ”You are an excellent example. You are exactly who we want to attract, somebody who’s intentional, somebody who’s going to actually implement, somebody who’s going to go out, make the world a better place, and I believe, make a lot of money as you do it. Because you’re blessing people socks off. That’s the kind of people we attract. And what’s also wild, as you know, is we make people work.”

[20:58] “When I’m working with my clients, one of the things we talk about is how success can be great but it can also be dangerous, because oftentimes when we start to experience success in a given area, with a company and organization, whatever it is, a product line of service, that there is a real temptation to not change anything, don’t break it. And one of the ways that we’ve gotten that success usually has been that we have an innovative, we have pushed ourselves, we have tried new things, we have experimented, all of those things. And so what’s often the case with the people that I’m working with is first recognizing what has success been but let’s also look to the future and say, What do you want success to look like, in five years?”

[26:02] “Oftentimes when we go to pursue a dream, we’ll have a self dialog that will say, I can’t do that. And that is based on something you’ve learned in the past.”

[28:32] “The old truth remains true. But with new contexts, I can introduce new truths. And my brain then also searches for evidence to back that up.”

[33:05] Sometimes I get a little bit excited about some of the people that I’m going to interview just because I’ve been impacted by their story or I love what they’re doing or I want to do what they’re doing, all of that. And so I just have to breathe and just remember this person is a human.



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