The Power of Taking Immediate Action in Business and Life with Rob Moore

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Show Notes:

Life is too short to put off your dreams. So, if you want to start a business, just do it right now! To put it in our guest’s words, start now and get better at it later.

Meet Rob Moore. Rob is an inspiring entrepreneur who co-owns seven companies in property, lettings, and finance. He’s a self-made property investor, businessman, and double world record holder for public speaking. Rob is also the author of multiple bestsellers, such as “Start Now. Get Perfect Later.” and “Money: Know More, Make More, Give More.” He is the UK’s leading business podcaster with two successful podcasts in his portfolio, Disruptive Entrepreneur and The Money Podcast. Rob preaches what he teaches, as his disruptive entrepreneurship career started nearly two decades ago in real estate and has successfully evolved into other business ventures.

He believes that hardly anyone gets it right the first time, so don’t get stuck in your insecurities. Instead, embrace the unknown and learn as you go.

In this episode of the Think Business with Tyler podcast, we talk about how to use your weakness to your advantage, why it’s okay to feel uncomfortable, the differences between failure and mistakes, and the importance of taking action.

If you want to learn more about disruptive entrepreneurship, tune into this episode to hear more about Rob’s insightful methods.


💡 Name: Rob Moore

💡 What he does: Rob is an entrepreneur, businessman, and best-selling author who co-owns 7 companies in property, lettings, and finance.

💡 Noteworthy: At the age of 25, Rob was £50k in consumer debt, but less than five years later, he became a self-made multi-millionaire.

💡 Key Quote: “The worst day of my life, in some ways, was the biggest blessing as well.”

💡 Where to find Rob: LinkedIn

Key Insights

Turn your weakness into strength. We all have weaknesses, but that doesn’t mean we should let them hold us down. Quite the contrary, our weaknesses don’t make us weak, they make us human. The key to success is to turn weaknesses into strengths. According to Rob, you should turn your hunger into gain. He explains, “A lot of people think to start a business, you need a load of money. But actually, if you’re in debt and you’re at rock bottom, that’s hunger, and the more hungry you are, the more you’re going to hunt. So actually, me being in debt gave me hunger. If anyone’s struggling, you can turn that hunger into gain.”

Being uncomfortable leads to growth. It’s a tale as old as times; nothing ever grows in your comfort zone. That’s why you should move out of it and get uncomfortable, especially if you want to achieve great success in life. Rob thinks that true entrepreneurs thrive when they are uncomfortable because being uncomfortable leads to growth. He explains, “What most people do is seek out comfort. But true entrepreneurs, they seek out discomfort. They say yes to hard things. They set big goals and challenges. So if anyone is comfortable and complacent, think, where could you challenge yourself?”

Failure is only failure when it’s final. Everyone always fears failure. But once you understand that failure is only failure when it’s final, that’s when your life really starts. You need to learn to see the difference between failure and mistakes. Rob says, “Honestly, as you said that word, I sort of tried to search for things I would deem as a failure, and I can’t pick one thing. I can tell you mistakes. Or I can tell you things I did with the best intentions that I got wrong. I could tell you moments of weakness and vulnerability, but I haven’t failed in the last 17 years.”

Start now and get perfect later. Life is too short, so just do it. It’s as simple as that. Rob even wrote a book about it. According to him, you shouldn’t put off anything, let alone great life experiences and dreams like starting a business or telling someone how you really feel. He says, “Do it now. JFDI. Just fucking do it. JFDS. Just fucking do something. We are all putting off life. We are putting off a hard conversation with someone. Do it now, and then all that pain and emotion around it will disappear. We are putting off a life experience. Go and live it now because you don’t know when your last day is. We are putting off starting a business. Start it now, even if you don’t know everything you need to know.“

Top Quotes

“Life’s very different now. So the worst day of my life, in some ways, was the biggest blessing as well.”

“If you take someone who’s born maybe with more risk averse traits, but age one month, you put them in the school of hard knock entrepreneurship for 20 years, they’re going to be an entrepreneur by the age of 20, no doubt so I think the environment is probably bigger than birth DNA.”

“The biggest thing someone can do if they want to be an entrepreneur or they want to become successful is put yourself in that environment where there’s people already there. You will become it.”

“I think comfort is the enemy of greatness. And comfort is the enemy of progress, but comfort is also a reward mechanism for humans.”

“You only get growth in uncomfortable and scary. You don’t get growth in uncomfortable.”

“Saying yes or no based on your drive and your intuition doesn’t work if you haven’t got 17 years experience and analytical or risk-averse people around you. I happen to have that. At times I feel like they hold me back. At times they feel like I’m the helium balloon that they’ve let go of, and they’re trying to pull back from the sky. And people see that tension as bad. I don’t. I see that tension as really good.”

“What is better in life than meeting really interesting people and having deep and interesting conversations? There’s not much that’s better than that in life ‘cause sometimes we forget that business is still about people.”

“In 99% of the time, doing it now pays.”


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