Leadership – Why a Million Dollars Wasn’t Enough – Kurt Uhlir

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Show Notes:

Kurt Uhlir is a marketing expert who has built and run organizations from start-up to over $500M in annual revenue. He brings a unique combination of storytelling and innovation to teams.  Kurt is a regular conference speaker and workshop facilitator around modern marketing tactics that successfully drive sales. In addition, he has been asked to coach and advise thousands of leaders, from startup founders to CEOs to the President of the United States.

In this fun and fast conversation, Kurt opens and candidly shares his experiences and opinion.

Episode Highlights:

3:00 – What stands out for Kurt in terms of the challenges between the wide range of sizes of businesses he built.

4:31 – Scaling the business from zero to million dollars.

6:05 – How leaders can often be the bottleneck to growing a business.

8:21 – The common challenges Kurt saw when he coached entrepreneurs and business owners.

11:40 – How running a business can cause loneliness and what to do about it.

14:30 – Why finding a purpose can change your outlook on growing a business.

16:45 – What Kurt learned from leadership mistakes.

23:30 – What it takes to have a great team culture.

25:40 – Is it best to hire a superhero or a sidekick?

29:40 – What are Kurt’s tips for setting yourself apart when marketing.

32:56 – Kurt’s advice on how solo entrepreneurs can stand out online and be different.

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