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Show Notes:

Welcome to another exciting episode of “Think Business with Tyler!” We have a fantastic guest joining us: John Foster, the founder of Middle School MBA.

In this thought-provoking conversation, John shares his journey from a successful corporate career to becoming an entrepreneur in the field of education. We dive deep into his innovative startup, Middle School MBA, a program that teaches business skills to young students.

Throughout the episode, John discusses the importance of equipping children with lifelong skills, such as economics and physics, and the impact it has on their future success. He also shares his unique teaching approach, blending online resources with classroom instruction, and his vision to provide low-cost education to millions of students in Africa and Asia.

Join us as we explore John’s groundbreaking model, the challenges he faces in the education space, and the incredible impact Middle School MBA has on students. Get ready for an inspiring and educational conversation on this episode of Think Business with Tyler. Let’s dive in!


John Foster is the founder of Middle School MBA, a successful startup company that specializes in teaching business and economics to young children. However, before venturing into the education industry, John had an illustrious 33-year career in various industries.

He began as a chemical engineer, working on operating plants and constructing new facilities. As time went on, he transitioned into managing businesses and eventually found himself involved in corporate strategy.

This new role took him on a global journey, sparking his curiosity about the economic disparities between countries. John’s penchant for continuous learning led him to make mistakes along the way, allowing him to gain valuable insights into the challenges faced by businesses. Armed with this knowledge, he now shares his expertise and helps others overcome obstacles on their entrepreneurial journeys.


John Foster, the guest, was a junior achievement consultant before creating his own curriculum for the program Middle School MBA.

The Middle School MBA program utilizes a 3D visual model to help students grasp complex economic and business concepts.

John Foster is currently based in Dallas but normally resides in Baton Rouge, showcasing his connection to different communities.


Young Minds, Big Economics

Description: This essential lesson demonstrates the capability of children to grasp advanced economic concepts. By providing a foundational understanding of profit generation and optimization, students can align their learning with real-world business practices. Speaker A’s models engage young students in optimizing a theoretical factory producing various products, showing that kids are more than able to handle such topics, contrary to some educators’ beliefs. This lesson challenges and expands upon the traditional curriculum, instilling lifelong economic skills at an early age.

Global Education Innovation

Description: Speaker A discusses a transformative educational project aimed at delivering low-cost, scalable education through projectors and curriculum sponsorship in Africa. The goal is to expand this initiative across Asia and Africa to reach millions of children. This lesson showcases how local companies can become involved in educational advancements and demonstrates the feasibility of introducing a broad range of subjects to underprivileged areas, emphasizing the use of technology and community support for global education.

Building Business Acumen

Description: In this lesson, speaker A’s Middle School MBA program illustrates the integration of complex business principles into a middle school curriculum. Through a blend of online resources and classroom instruction, the program teaches students as young as eleven concepts such as capital structures using engaging 3D visual models. By focusing on higher-level concepts, rather than basic personal finance, the lesson prepares students for the commercial world and enhances their overall understanding of business operations.

Entrepreneurship Education Shift

Description: John shares his journey from a chemical engineer and corporate strategist to an entrepreneur focusing on educating the next generation. His Middle School MBA initiative reflects the shift in educational spaces, becoming more open to innovative learning methods. With a blend of traditional instruction and modern technology, the program addresses industry objections, showcases the readiness of students for economic education, and points out the significance of broadening children’s worldviews. This lesson is a testament to the positive implications of entrepreneurial thinking within the realm of education.


“I launched a program called Middle School MBA that can be implemented in any school. It’s essentially a blended learning solution, combining the power of online resources with the hands-on guidance of a teacher right in the classroom. The real power of this program is that it’s designed not just for the students but with the teachers in mind as well, ensuring that it is both educational and easily adoptable in any school setting.”

“The market size for educational programs that teach business skills at a young age is substantial, and I’m not just talking about here in the United States, but the entire English-speaking world. We’re not only trying to teach kids business to be the next generation of entrepreneurs, but also to give them life skills that are practical and applicable in a rapidly changing economy.”

“We use this very engaging 3D visual model to help students understand the economy and all the components that make up a business. It’s interactive, and the teacher is able to project software onto a wall that guides the lessons and the range of activities we offer. It’s about getting everyone on the same page and optimizing how we can educate our young people on complex concepts.”

“Some of the objections we’ve seen regarding implementing Middle School MBA in schools include the assumption that young kids just can’t grasp economics, or even that the teachers feel overwhelmed by the subject matter. But the education space is evolving, becoming more dynamic and open-minded, which is essential for preparing our kids for the world they’re going to inherit.”

“There’s something powerful about teaching lifelong skills like economics and physics that build a foundation, as opposed to skills that may turn obsolete due to technological advancements. This program changes students’ worldview and empowers them with knowledge so that whatever the future holds, they are ready to engage with it on a business level.”


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