Imposter Syndrome to Successful Business Owner – Will Russell

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Show Notes:

Will Russell is a marketing expert who specializes in helping entrepreneurs validate their ideas and execute successful launches. Having spent the first decade of his career managing launch marketing efforts for businesses of all sizes in the media and nonprofit space, Will has a unique perspective on the attributes of successful launch campaigns.

Will believes imposter syndrome stops people in their tracks causing many to quit before they ever achieved their greatness.   Will shares with us his techniques for beating imposter syndrome which has got him through the ups and downs during his journey of running a business.

In this episode, we discuss:

2:50 – Will’s story when he first got into the US and humble beginnings

5:20 – Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

9:00 – What causes failures and what Will learned from them?

12:30 – Common problems in product launches

14:40 – Will’s 5-step marketing system

20:20 – Best channels to use for a product launch

27:50 – Why validating a business idea is so important

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