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Are you struggling to find and retain high-performance employees? Then, you’re going to want to hear what our guest has to say.

Meet Danielle Mulvey. Danielle is the CEO and Chief Curator of the ALL IN Company, a company guiding entrepreneurs on how to recruit, hire and retain 5-star employees. She’s the originator of The 5-Star Employee Rating System, which is the leading DIY methodology for assessing candidates to hire the top 15% of available talent. She believes this system to be a game-changer for busy entrepreneurs and hiring managers because it allows them to bring on board hardworking people who get real, consistent results. Also, Danielle has scaled several companies to over $50 million in annual revenue while spending less than 10 hours each week overseeing operations.

As she says, she has her team of trusted 5-star employees to thank for providing her with the freedom to educate other entrepreneurs and support the community.

In this episode, we talk about the traits of 5-star employees, how to attract them, why your core values are your non-negotiables, and the importance of always following a checklist.

If you want to learn more about the 5-star ranking system, make sure you tune into this episode to find out what Danielle has to say.



💡 Name: Danielle Mulvey

💡 What she does: She’s the CEO and Chief Curator of the ALL IN Company.

💡 Noteworthy: Danielle is the Originator of The 5-Star Employee Rating System, which is the leading DIY methodology for assessing candidates to hire the top 15% of available talent.

💡 Key Quote: “Someone isn’t just labeled a 5-star employee universal across any job. It’s very specific to the role into the company.”

💡 Where to find Danielle: LinkedIn

Key Insights


What are 5-star employees, and why you should hire them for your business? If you want to take your business to another level, you should start hiring 5-star employees. But what makes a candidate a 5-star employee? First of all, they share your core values. They are deeply passionate about the same values as you are. They are hard-working and committed.

Danielle explains,  “You’re a 5-star employee specific to the role at the specific company. So the 5-star employee rating system is personalized and customized to the role into the company. We’ve taken people through this, and we’ve taken two bookkeeping firms through the process at the same time, and what’s fascinating is they’re both looking for remote bookkeepers, but I can tell you that company B is looking for someone totally different from Company A, but they’re both looking for bookkeepers, and they wouldn’t work in each other’s company. So if Company B wanted to share one of their bookkeepers with Company A, it wouldn’t be a match because they have different criteria and different expectations.”

Your core values are your non-negotiables. One of the deciding factors when hiring new employees is whether they share the same core values as your business. Determining whether a candidate shares your values should be the first step in your recruitment process. Danielle explains, “This is why relationships work or don’t work. Relationships work when your core values are aligned, and relationships tend to fail when there’s a conflict in core values. So an alignment with the core values is the foundation of the 5-star employee rating system.”

Transparency is the best way to attract 5-star employees. If you want to find a 5-star employee, you need to be transparent and open right from the get-go. So, forget about those vague and generic job postings. Instead, be detailed and on point. Share your expectations and core values. That will attract the right candidates.

Danielle explains, “The way that you can attract the 5-star candidates is by kind of laying out your expectations, sharing your core values in your job posting, sharing the success metrics that you’re expecting in the job posting. That is going to attract a 5-star person. […] I find so many businesses think their greatest hack is taking three job postings from their competitors and then merging it and creating their own, but it’s just a lot of blah and vanilla and nothing really substantial or substantive, to say the least.”

Checklists give you consistency, efficiency, and accuracy. Never underestimate the power of a checklist. No matter how much you’re organized and confident in your processes, always make sure to follow a checklist. Danielle explains, “You know why airplanes don’t fall in the sky? Because the pilots have to follow a checklist. Regardless of a pilot having 1000 hours of flying experience or 5000 hours of flying experience, they follow a checklist. And a checklist will save your business. A checklist will give you consistency and reliability in your business. It will make sure your employees are doing everything right every day.”

Top Quotes


“One 5-star employee does the work of two or three three-star employees. So why settle for less than a 5-star employee?”

“It becomes really hard that as you scale, sometimes you can’t bring the people with you that you started with. And I think that’s something that is realistic and sobering and something that should be paid attention to, and there is no entitlement. And I just see too often that people have a sense of entitlement that ‘Well, I was here from the beginning, and so I should be riding this all the way, and I’m going to become vice president,’ and it’s like, ‘But you have no experience.’”

“We follow Profit First in our businesses, and so what we do is instead of dramatically changing people’s salary, it’s all about profitability. And so, we designate a portion of the quarterly profit distributions to go to the employee distributions, and so that’s a way to incentivize employees and have them have like a stake to a certain degree, ownership of the company and ownership of how well the company is doing.”

“That’s when I really just kind of dove in, literally went all in and figuring out what it takes, and so almost 25 years later, here I am. I have proven it across multiple businesses, have shared it with other entrepreneurs and businesses, and now Mike and I are working, like I said on his next book, and it’s all based around objectively hiring people, assessing talent using a rating system, which we call the 5-star employee rating system.”

“As a hiring manager or as a business owner, the most important job that you can ascend to is the care and nurturing of your employees and of your recruitment, hiring, and retention processes because, if you get it right, you could have ten people doing the job of one. You could have 100 people doing the job of one you.”

“Likely the values that they have been espousing, and that they have on a website or have on a plaque somewhere, are aspirational values. They’re not genuine, true core values that are true 100% of the time.”

“It’s like parenting. You can’t just tell your kids once you have to just be saying it over and over and over and over and over and over again. And when you kind of take that a parent has that wants to just make sure that their kids really get it, but they have to say it over and over again. It’s the same thing with employees. You just have to be constantly talking about it. And I can guarantee you, when the wheel seems like it’s falling off, it’s because you stopped talking about that right wheel.”


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