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Show Notes:

Today’s guest is Gav Gillibrand.  Gav has gone from being a male stripper to a leading online fitness coach.  Gav stories are fun and engaging.  Also, we can learn a lot from how he is building his business.

What I love about Gav is by his own admission, he has a “go hard” mentality when it comes to building a business.  This mentality is often found in most successful business owners so it’s no wonder he is doing so well.

10 years ago, he saw an opportunity with Linkedin which wasn’t known for fitness trainers back then.  He went hard and has built a huge following of over 33,000 followers and it’s still growing.

Since most business leaders get busy, they often let their weight and health slide. Gav shares with us his no-nonsense way of approaching weight loss.In this episode, plan to be:
  • Inspired by Gav’s go hard mentality and a great story
  • Learn how Gav thought outside of the box and used Linkedin to grow his business
  • And discover how to get your health and weight in control with Gav’s common-sense methods

This is a can’t miss episode – Gav has so much to share that we can learn from.Hope you love this episode, and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

Episode highlights:


2:34 – Gav shares his mission of busting the myths in the health and fitness industry

5:04 – We discuss how Covid impacted Gav’s business

7:10 – Gav shares how he saw an opportunity in Linkedin and went all-in on the platform

9:55 – How to select the right vendors for your business

13:57 – why it’s important for your audience either love you or hate you

15:45 – How Gav can say things that normally could offend some people

21:37 – Why a calorie deficit is the best way to approach weight loss

28:22 – Can you really eat anything you want and lose weight?

33:18 – Why limiting beliefs can lead to weight gain

37:09 – How this one thing plays a critical role in weight loss

39:51 – Gav shares his one tip of reading as a way of constantly growing

41:58 – As we close out the show, Gav shares details about his book



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