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Today, we have the pleasure of sitting down with Adam Battersby, president of Pro Batter Sports, a visionary company giving baseball, softball, and cricket athletes a competitive edge with their cutting-edge video pitching machines. Adam is joining us all the way from Connecticut, where he’s not only busy running his company but also juggling the joys and challenges of fatherhood with his three kids.

In this episode, we’ll explore Adam’s journey from the frustrations of hitting curveballs in traditional batting cages to revolutionizing batting practice with technology that simulates real-life pitching. Pro Batter Sports isn’t just about training the pros, folks. They’re also bringing family fun centers and casual enthusiasts into the digital age with their innovative approach.

We’ll hear about the company’s humble beginnings, the strong father-son partnership at its core, and how COVID-19 threw curveballs of its own at its business model. As we unpack the technological evolution within baseball and Adam’s thoughts on entrepreneurship, get ready for an engaging conversation filled with insights, advice, and, of course, a bit of baseball banter.

So grab your mitt, get comfortable, and let’s step up to the plate for what’s bound to be a home run discussion. This is Think Business with Tyler, and our episode with Adam Battersby starts now.


Adam Battersby stands at the helm of Pro Batter Sports, an innovative company that he proudly co-owns with his father. Under their leadership, Pro Batter Sports has revolutionized batting practice by introducing a dynamic video pitching machine that caters to baseball, softball, and cricket enthusiasts.

Their cutting-edge technology merges a life-sized video of a pitcher in motion with a synchronized pitching machine, to emulate the authentic experience of facing a live pitcher. The seamless integration of visual cues and physical pitches elevates players’ training, offering them ten different pitch types at various speeds and locations, all adjustable through an intuitive, large color touchscreen. Adam’s visionary approach to sports technology continues to transform the way athletes train and hone their skills.


1. “The thing about our machine is that it gives you that real-time experience of facing a pitcher without needing one present. It’s about timing the ball, getting into that hitting groove, and it’s surprisingly versatile— offering everything from a leisurely family batting cage experience to intense professional-level training.”

2. “Starting a company’s a journey, right? You’ve got to do your homework, listen to honest feedback, and be prepared for the hard work ahead. But the most crucial part is to really love what you’re doing because that passion is what keeps you pushing, even when things get tough.”

3. “During the height of the pandemic, we had to navigate the challenges of supply shortage and changing market demands. Our pivot wasn’t just about survival; it was about finding new ways to engage with our customers when traditional channels were no longer viable.”

4. “Selling the first pitch machine to the Chicago White Sox was a game-changer for us. It was the moment we realized that what we had envisioned, the countless hours of development and tweaking, truly had a place in professional sports.”

5. “Technology’s not just changing the game; it’s expanding it. You look at umpires showing interest in our training systems, or the idea of on-screen analytics during training sessions, and you see how tech is becoming a fundamental part of baseball, and not just for players but for everyone involved in the sport.”


1. The first customer of Pro Batter Sports’ pitching machine was the prestigious Chicago White Sox, providing significant validation for the product early on in the business.

2. The company is exploring a subscription-based model that will include player profiles and on-screen advertising, demonstrating innovative approaches to business in sports technology.

3. Adam Battersby and his father not only have a father-son relationship but also bond over their business partnership, navigating the challenges of running a company together.


Adapting to Market Demands
Adam Battersby highlights the significance of flexibility within a business framework, particularly in response to unpredictable events like the COVID-19 pandemic. His company faced challenges with selling to gyms, Major League Baseball, and colleges due to shortages, underscoring the need to pivot strategies and tailor product offerings to fit the current demand. Adopting a dynamic approach and understanding market needs are critical lessons for ensuring business continuity in times of crisis.

Importance of Honest Feedback
For entrepreneurs, the value of truthful feedback cannot be overstated. Adam stresses that when starting a company, it’s crucial to perform rigorous market research and seek sincere reactions to your product or service. This honest feedback enables entrepreneurs to refine their offerings, address potential issues early on, and calibrate their business approach, ultimately contributing to a better fit with client expectations and market demand.

Tech’s Role in Sports Training
The conversation between Adam and Tyler illuminates the transformational impact of technology in sports training. With the development of sophisticated video pitching machines, Pro Batter Sports offers a more realistic and effective batting practice. This evolution in training equipment demonstrates the potential for technological innovation to enhance athletic performance, offering a practical example of effectively integrating tech advancements to push the boundaries of traditional training methods.

Perseverance Through Entrepreneurial Doubts
The journey of entrepreneurship is fraught with uncertainty. Adam reveals that despite doubts about their business viability, securing landmark sales (like that from the Chicago White Sox) served as critical validation points. These moments of success provide much-needed reassurance and motivation for entrepreneurs to persevere through challenging periods. This lesson underscores that determination and resilience can lead to pivotal breakthroughs that affirm the value and potential of a burgeoning business.


Embrace Adaptation: Be prepared to relocate or adjust your business practices in response to changing circumstances, as seen in the conversation about moving from California to Austin.

Balance Is Key: Keep a healthy balance between work demands and family life, reflecting on Adam’s experience managing his children’s sports activities and events.

Innovate Within Your Means: Develop new technology or products like the video pitching machine, but stay realistic about costs and feasibility to maintain a sustainable business.

Train Like You Play: Practice under conditions that simulate real-life scenarios to ensure effectiveness, just as the machines provide realistic batting practice.

Engage With Entertainment: Blend practical utility with entertainment to create enjoyable experiences for customers, catering to both serious trainees and casual users.

Pursue Challenges: Don’t shy away from difficulties in business, instead learn from struggles like dealing with COVID-related shortages and growing pains.

Foster Close Relationships: Value partnerships, especially with family members in business, and utilize the strength of those relationships, as exemplified by Adam and his father.

Stay Versatile and Diversify: Be open to expanding into new markets, like the consideration of pickleball equipment, to keep the business dynamic and growing.

Listen and Learn: Conduct thorough market research and heed honest feedback to ensure your business meets real needs and can adapt accordingly.

Do What You Love: Choose a path that you’re passionate about because genuine interest and enjoyment will fuel perseverance through tough times.

Practice Patience and Persistence: Recognize that success may take time, much like the evolution of Adam Battersby’s company from its inception to selling to major clients.

Seek Validation but Trust Your Vision: Celebrate validation from big clients as a sign of success, but remain steadfast in your vision for your product or service, similar to the early days of pro batter sports.

Know Your Worth: Kaepernick’s situation can be a reminder not to undervalue your skills and contributions, even in the face of challenges or controversy.

Innovation Takes Collaboration: Like the development of the pitch machine, recognize that creating something new often requires a team effort and the pooling of various skills.

Embrace Feedback Loops: Use client feedback for continuous improvement, as validation from organizations like the Chicago White Sox proves crucial for product development.

Keep Costs in Perspective: As technology advances, remember to adjust pricing to meet market expectations and availability, expanding reach to different sectors such as high schools and colleges.

Stay Committed Through Uncertainty: Similar to questioning their business investment at times, it’s important to stay the course during periods of doubt, because persistence is often met with eventual success.

Share Your Story: Once you’ve accomplished a goal or completed a project, like the podcast interview, share it with the world as a means of marketing and inspiration.


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