Mastering Employee Satisfaction and Customer Experience with Richard Moyer

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Show Notes:

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✅ Dive into the latest episode of “Think Business with Tyler” featuring Richard Moyer!

✅ Discover how a self-serve high tech tap room became a booming success in Charlotte.

✅ Learn about Moyer’s inspiring journey, from innovative technology to scaling and franchising his brand, Hoppin.

✅ Takeaway: Leadership isn’t just about being a boss—it’s about lifting others and creating unforgettable experiences.


Today, we’re joined by the dynamic Richard Moyer, a serial entrepreneur and the mastermind behind the innovative self-serve high tech taproom business, Hoppin. In this episode, Richard shares the story behind his entrepreneurial journey, inspired by a vision to uplift others and drive financial success.

We’ll dive into Richard’s motivations, the unique technology that sets Hoppin apart, and the challenges of scaling a business. He discusses the crucial aspects of hiring high-level talent, maintaining a strong company culture, and the importance of providing an exceptional customer experience.

Richard also touches on his leadership philosophy, which flips the traditional hierarchy, placing the CEO at the bottom to support employees’ growth and accountability. Plus, we’ll explore his decision to franchise, the benefits of innovative technologies in waste management, and his approach to creating a fun, memorable atmosphere at Hoppin.

If you’re interested in entrepreneurship, leadership, or just love a good business success story, this is an episode you won’t want to miss. Stay tuned as we uncover the secrets behind Richard Moyer’s success and his insights on building and scaling a thriving business.


Richard Moyer is a visionary entrepreneur and the driving force behind Hoppin, a high-tech, self-serve taproom that has redefined the bar experience in Charlotte, North Carolina. With a passion for innovation and a deep commitment to uplifting others, Moyer has successfully parlayed his entrepreneurial spirit into multiple business ventures. Hoppin stands out not only for its advanced self-serve pour technology, which slashes waste and boosts profitability, but also for its vibrant customer experience, integrating exceptional service with a fun and engaging atmosphere.

Rich’s journey into the self-serve establishment industry was sparked by witnessing similar technology in another city. Recognizing an untapped opportunity, he brought the concept to Charlotte, a rapidly growing urban market. His strategic focus on financial prudence and quality personnel has driven Hoppin’s impressive growth. Moyer deeply values company culture, placing his role as CEO at the bottom of the organizational chart to work for his employees, encouraging accountability, ownership, and professional growth.

As someone dedicated to community and employee satisfaction, he understands that a positive work environment translates into an outstanding customer experience. Rich’s innovative mindset, coupled with his dedication to impactful leadership, has made him a respected name in the industry.

Beyond his business endeavors, Rich is approachable and eager to mentor aspiring entrepreneurs. He can be reached for franchising opportunities or mentorship via, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

Rich’s story is one of inspiration, blending technological innovation with a heartfelt mission to create opportunities and enhance experiences for both his employees and customers.


Richard Moyer on Innovation and Vision:

“Seeing this self-serve technology in another city was a game-changer for me. I realized the potential it had, especially in a growing city like Charlotte. It wasn’t just about being innovative; it was about offering something unique that could resonate with people and uplift the community.”

Moyer on Delegation and Company Culture:

“Delegating and removing toxic influences are non-negotiables for me. I believe in maintaining positive energy within the company. When your employees are happy and aligned with the company’s values, it translates into a better experience for your customers.”

The Importance of Hiring Personnel:

“Bringing in high-level talent is both a challenge and an opportunity. It’s crucial to find people who not only have the skills but also fit the company culture and brand. Their success can greatly influence the company’s growth and vision, so the stakes are high.”

Moyer’s Leadership Philosophy:

“I like to think of the CEO as being at the bottom of the organizational structure, there to support the employees. My job is to understand their needs and provide opportunities for them to grow. It’s about flipping the traditional hierarchy and focusing on what truly matters—your people.”

Tyler Martin on Exiting a Business:

“When it came time to sell my company, there was a lot of uncertainty, especially with a change in administration. Timing and future predictions play a huge role in such decisions. It’s not just about the financials; personal reasons and the right moment make all the difference.”


1. Richard Moyer is colorblind and primarily wears black, gray, or white due to the condition.

2. Hoppin’s self-serve technology drastically reduces waste to 3-4%, compared to the national average of 23-24%.

3. The unique self-serve tap room experience at Hoppin includes not just drinks but also fun activities and a full cocktail bar, setting it apart from traditional bars.


Balancing Profit with Purpose

Richard Moyer’s journey underscores the dual driving forces behind his business: financial gains and empowering others. This balance is essential for a sustainable enterprise. Pursuing profit while fostering opportunities for employees and the community creates a robust foundation for long-term success. Moyer’s experience illustrates that businesses can thrive both financially and ethically, aligning their strategies with broader social goals. By focusing on creating meaningful impacts alongside generating revenue, business owners can forge a path that benefits everyone involved.

Strategic Scaling and Talent Investment

Successfully scaling a business requires a balanced evaluation of financial resources and strategic hiring. Richard Moyer emphasizes the significance of investing in the right personnel at pivotal growth stages. The decision to bring on high-level talent is fraught with challenges and uncertainties but can propel the company forward significantly if executed well. Moyer’s approach shows that thoughtful recruitment, aligned with the company ethos, and delegating responsibilities are critical in navigating the scaling phase effectively.

Leadership From the Bottom

Moyer’s leadership philosophy places the CEO at the organizational structure’s base, serving employees rather than commanding them. This approach fosters an environment where staff feel valued and empowered, driving accountability and ownership. By understanding and catering to employees’ needs, Moyer cultivates a work culture that prioritizes personal growth and satisfaction. This leadership style not only enhances employee morale but also leads to more innovative and customer-focused outcomes, reinforcing the company’s core values and vision.

Innovating Customer Experiences

Hoppin’s use of high-tech self-serve systems to enhance customer interactions exemplifies how technology can revolutionize traditional business models. Richard Moyer’s implementation of data-driven insights for inventory management and waste reduction showcases the blend of customer-centric services with operational efficiency. This focus on providing a unique and engaging experience sets Hoppin apart, highlighting that innovation in customer service and atmosphere is crucial for standing out in a competitive market. Staying ahead with technology ensures sustainable growth and elevated customer satisfaction.


Evaluate and Invest in Talent for Growth

Assess your business’s financial capabilities to determine when it’s time to invest in hiring high-level talent. Bringing in the right personnel is crucial for scaling, even though it comes with challenges and uncertainties. Focus on finding individuals who align with your company culture and vision.

Delegate and Remove Toxic Influences

Empower your team by delegating responsibilities and trusting them to make decisions. Regularly evaluate your workforce to ensure a positive work environment by removing any toxic influences. This helps maintain positive energy and supports employee satisfaction.

Prioritize a Memorable Customer Experience

Focus on executing a flawless pre-visit experience and ensure that customers have a memorable time when they engage with your business. Train staff to deliver exceptional customer service, leveraging technology and fun activities to set your business apart from competitors.



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