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Show Notes:

Shawn Wachef is the founder of Cali BBQ.

Shawn and his team have defied the odds and gone against the grain to build a thriving restaurant business.

Where location, location, location is the mantra for restaurants – 12+ years ago Shawn started a business in a poor location during the recession.  They found a way to mold their business model even with a poor location.

Most recently, during the pandemic, he grew his business by adding a ghost kitchen, allowing to serve more people while managing cost more efficiently.

Now $25 million dollars in sales later and over 2,500 great Yelp reviews, not only have they built a thriving BBQ restaurant business, but they have also positioned themselves as a media company by using media to grow their business and help other businesses do the same.

When it comes to social media marketing – Shawn says keeps it simple – he tells us what makes people “stop” in their tracks when reading social media content and what it takes to create great content.

Lastly, Shawn shares with us why mental health care is so important for business owners.

Episode highlights:


3:10 – Shawn’s story of how they opened a barbecue company in San Diego

7:40 – Shawn’s explains how to make media marketing easy

8:14 – Overcoming a poor location – Shawn saw an opportunity

9:05 – Shawn’s thoughts when the iPhone was first introduced

10:30 – What’s a ghost kitchen?

10:20 – During the pandemic Cali BBQ expanded by adding a ghost kitchen

12:00 – The benefits of a ghost kitchen

16:45 – Mistake’s business owners make in the digital marketing space

20:24 – Shawn discusses the importance of mental health care for a business owner










Article: Shifting the Narrative: Entrepreneurs and Mental Health


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