Capital with a Conscience – Dan Miller’s Approach to Funding Farms

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🌱 Are you sowing seeds of success or just cloud farming dreams? 🌱

✅ Dive into the roots of aligning business with passion with Dan Miller on Think Business with Tyler!

✅ Discover how Steward is changing the game for regenerative agriculture and connecting capital to purpose.

✅ Join Tyler Martin as he unpacks Dan’s journey from Farmrise to funding farms with a mission.

✅ Grow your insight into ethical business models that harvest success for people and the planet—only on this episode of Think Business with Tyler! 🎧📈


Dan Miller is an entrepreneurial force, a man with deep roots in both agriculture and real estate, thanks to his family’s background. At the forefront of innovation and online investment platforms, Dan is the mastermind behind Steward, a pioneering platform dedicated to raising capital for regenerative farms.

His journey began alongside his brother, with whom he ventured into real estate development, sowing the seeds of what would become a groundbreaking enterprise. This endeavor naturally evolved into Fundrise, the first-ever real estate crowdfunding platform, which would set a precedent for alternative investment and democratize capital flow into real estate.

Dan’s tireless ambition is fueled by his personal experiences and the lessons learned from family ventures. His vision has consistently focused on connecting values-aligned capital with passionate entrepreneurs in nontraditional sectors. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, his mission is to create pathways for projects that do more than just succeed economically—they also generate cultural and ecological benefits, playing an instrumental role in the development of a more sustainable and values-driven economy. Dan’s story isn’t just about creating new investment avenues, but about nurturing the growth of enterprises that make a positive difference.


  1. Dan Miller’s platform Steward funded an urban farm in Detroit that saw revenue skyrocket from $10k to $150k.
  2. Steward helps a diverse range of businesses, including an Amish dairy farmer and a hemp farm.
  3. The company maintains a remarkably low loan loss rate of just 0.3%, showcasing the effectiveness of its lending and support model.


Passion Meets Purpose
Dan Miller underscores the fundamental principle that aligning one’s passion with their business venture not only fuels drive but also gives purpose to their work. This connection is pivotal for long-term satisfaction and success. Both he and Tyler acknowledge that finding synergy between personal interests and professional endeavors is key to a fulfilling career.

Regenerative Agriculture Funding
The episode delves into the niche yet vital topic of funding regenerative agriculture. Steward’s platform addresses the gap in the market by providing unique financial support to farmers practicing sustainable farming. With the conventional agricultural system heavily favoring large-scale, industrial operations, Steward’s model offers much-needed capital for smaller, ethical farms contributing to healthier ecosystems.

Smart Growth Strategies
Steward’s approach to growth reflects a strategic mindfulness. By balancing new funding opportunities with the addition of patient investors, they eschew rapid expansion in favor of sustainable development. Dan Miller discusses the importance of constructing the right financial products to foster this growth without compromising the business model’s core values.

Low-Cost Community Impact
The conversation with Dan Miller highlights how Steward leverages word-of-mouth referrals over traditional marketing to drive user engagement, significantly reducing user acquisition costs. This organic growth strategy is not only economically efficient but also builds a community of investors and borrowers deeply connected to the mission of supporting regenerative agricultural practices.


“At Steward, we’re not just about providing capital; it’s about nurturing a relationship with the land and the community. It’s moving beyond transaction to transformation — that’s where real, sustainable growth happens.”

“Our borrowers are not just clients; they’re partners. With a loan loss rate as low as 0.3%, we’re proving that ethical lending isn’t just good for the earth, it’s smart business.”

“What we’re seeing is that regenerative agriculture isn’t just a niche—it’s a necessity. By funding these farmers, we’re investing in our planet’s future, and offering investors a chance to be part of a story that matters.”

“Agriculture is often seen as traditional, but with Steward, we’re pioneering. We’re building a platform that’s lean and adaptable, targeting the underserved in agriculture, proving that profitability and sustainability can coexist.”

“We’re not here for the quick profit; we’re here for the long game. Just like farming, building a resilient financial ecosystem for regenerative agriculture takes patience, and we’re planting the seeds for a healthier economy and planet.”






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