Chelsea Husum Reveals Success Secrets in Male-Dominated Construction World

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Show Notes:

🚀 Ever wondered how a former teacher turned into a thriving construction company CEO?

✅ Discover Chelsea Husum’s journey from the classroom to the construction site on “Think Business with Tyler.”

✅ Chelsea, a best-selling author and Denver entrepreneur, dives deep into the challenges and triumphs of running a business in a male-dominated industry.

✅ Listen in to gain insights on leadership, overcoming adversity, and striking the perfect work-life balance. Be inspired to tackle your own industry giants!


Welcome to another enlightening episode where today we feature an extraordinary guest, Chelsea Husum. Chelsea, hailing from near Denver, Colorado, is not only the successful owner of a construction company specializing in core drilling and ground penetrating radar but also a best-selling author and a passionate speaker. During our conversation, Chelsea will share her thrilling journey from being an unfulfilled teacher to leading a thriving business set to reach seven figures.

We’ll dive into the compelling challenges she faces in the construction industry—securing competent personnel, managing cash flow, and dealing with the stereotypical assumptions made about a woman leading in a male-dominated field. Chelsea will also discuss the strategies she employs for effective management and leadership, ensuring her team not only succeeds but excels with minimal oversight.

Additionally, Chelsea opens up about her personal life challenges, including her book “Real Vibes Only: Unapologetic Confessions of a Hot Mess Mompreneur,” which discusses the raw and real parts of juggling life’s responsibilities and overcoming adversities. Get ready to be inspired by Chelsea’s resilience and tactical advice on everything from navigating personal traumas to fostering a balanced, fulfilling professional life. Stay tuned as we explore these topics and more on today’s episode.


Chelsea Husum is an accomplished entrepreneur based near Denver, Colorado, where she owns a thriving construction company specializing in core drilling and ground penetrating radar for commercial construction projects. After transitioning from a career in teaching due to a lack of fulfillment, Chelsea founded her business in March of 2020.

Despite the challenges of starting a company during a global pandemic, her business has experienced significant growth and is on the path to reaching seven-figure revenues.

Chelsea is also a bestselling author and motivational speaker, known for her book “Real Vibes Only: Unapologetic Confessions of a Hot Mess Mompreneur,” which shares her personal stories and lessons on embracing life’s imperfections and adversities.

Married and a mother to two sons, she enjoys outdoor activities and is dedicated to fostering a supportive, flexible work environment for her employees. Chelsea’s leadership style is characterized by clear expectations, minimal micromanagement, and a strong emphasis on trust and autonomy.


1. Chelsea Husum discussing leadership and trust in her team:

“I’ve always believed that if you set clear expectations and trust people to meet them, they often will. It’s about respecting them enough to let them manage their own workflows. I don’t need to micromanage; I just need to lead by example and support my team where they need it.”

2. On the significance of overcoming adversity, from her book talks:

“It’s all about embracing your real story, the messiness of life, and the imperfections we all have. My book, ‘Real Vibes Only,’ isn’t just a narrative; it’s a permission slip for others to accept their flaws and challenges as strengths.”

3. Chelsea discussing the challenge of cash flow management:

“Cash flow is a perpetual challenge in our industry. We’re often dealing with ‘pay when paid’ scenarios, so keeping a buffer, essentially a payroll reserve, isn’t just wise; it’s crucial for survival. You have to be prepared to cover your costs while you wait on that next check.”

4. On the trauma and resultant personal growth:

“Dealing with trauma has taught me so much about resilience and self-care. You can’t underestimate the power of reaching out for support when you need it—you aren’t alone. It’s a journey of healing, of turning wounds into wisdom.”

5. Advice for women entering male-dominated fields:

“Stepping into a field where you’re one of the few women can be daunting, but it’s also an opportunity to redefine norms. Lead with confidence, focus on your capabilities and always be aware of your worth. It’s not just about breaking barriers; it’s about setting new standards and expectations.”


1. Chelsea Husum started her construction company in March of 2020 and is on track to reach seven figures in revenue.

2. Despite her tough professional role, Chelsea authored “Real Vibes Only: Unapologetic Confessions of a Hot Mess Mompreneur,” where she opens up about embracing imperfections.

3. Chelsea pays her employees for 40 hours a week regardless of actual hours worked, ensuring they have financial stability and better work-life balance.


Effective Cash Flow Management

Chelsea Husum discussed the importance of managing cash flow within her construction company, drawing from her struggles with the “pay when paid” element of her industry. Handling cash flow effectively is crucial, especially for businesses that face delays in payment, which can disrupt financial stability. Chelsea’s approach involves maintaining a payroll buffer, ensuring financial health through strategic reserves that safeguard the company during payment delays. She underscores the practice of foresight in financial planning to navigate through unpredictable business terrains.

Retaining Top Talent

One of Chelsea’s significant challenges is finding and keeping competent employees in a competitive market. She stressed the importance of building a reputable company culture that attracts potential hires through referrals. Offering better than average compensation, benefits, and respecting personal time are strategies she used to retain valuable staff. Chelsea’s efforts show the effectiveness of investing in employees’ well-being and fostering a positive work environment for increased loyalty and productivity.

Navigating Leadership in Crisis

Chelsea highlights her leadership style that combines clear expectations with trust in her team’s autonomy. Delegating effectively and minimizing micromanagement, she promotes a culture where employees manage their tasks independently, leading to efficiency and job satisfaction. By hiring additional help for administrative tasks, she manages to focus on more strategic aspects of her business. Her approach not only enhances operational efficiency but also empowers her staff, making the workplace more dynamic and responsive.

Work-Life Harmony

Chelsea advocates for a realistic balance between professional and personal life, emphasizing the importance of self-care and setting boundaries. Her strategies include not overworking, maintaining healthy routines, and staying true to personal values. By sharing her experiences and challenges, Chelsea encourages others, especially women in male-dominated fields, to adopt similar practices. This holistic approach leads to better mental health, reduces burnout, and increases overall life satisfaction, thereby enhancing professional performance and personal fulfillment.


Prioritize Self-Care Amid Business Challenges

Integrate self-care routines into your daily life to manage stress and maintain mental health. This can include setting boundaries, seeking professional therapy, engaging in physical activities, and ensuring proper rest. Prioritizing self-care not only improves personal well-being but also enhances decision-making and productivity in business settings.

Cultivate a Referral-Based Hiring Strategy

Leverage your network and company reputation to attract skilled technicians through referrals. Implementing a referral program can streamline the hiring process and increase the likelihood of getting reliable and committed employees. Encourage current employees to refer potential candidates by offering incentives, thereby fostering a culture of growth and teamwork.

Establish Financial Safety Nets in Business

Create financial safeguards to manage cash flow effectively, especially in industries where payment delays are common. Keep a reserve fund for essential expenses like payroll to ensure business continuity during cash flow shortages. Regularly review your financial policies and consider consulting with a financial advisor to optimize your cash management strategies.


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