Clean Bathrooms and Competitive Edges with Dave Newell

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Welcome back to another thought-provoking episode of “Think Business with Tyler” where we dive deep into the strategies that drive success in the dynamic world of business. I’m your host, Tyler Martin, and today I am delighted to be joined by Dave Newell, an expert in organizational development and a guru of aligning business systems for small to mid-sized companies.

In this episode, we unpack the intricate dance of strategy and identity that shapes businesses like Quick Trip gas stations and how they attract customers with something as simple as clean bathrooms. We’ll delve into how leaders can strike the perfect balance between authority and enrollment, and learn from Domino’s innovative approach to addressing customer pain points.

We’ll also discuss the critical shift from asking “what do we do?” to “what’s it for?”—a move that can make all the difference in delighting customers. Dave will offer his seasoned advice for companies on the cusp of growth and scaling, navigating the rocky climb from 5 to 100 employees.

You won’t want to miss Dave’s insights on the five facets of culture, strategy, operations, story, and finance, especially his firsthand account of transforming his vision into a thriving agency. Plus, he sheds light on the common pitfalls of meetings and the promising practice of daily huddles and after-action reviews.

For anyone leading a business or team, Dave’s workshop on “The Leadership of Trust”—now available with an exclusive discount—is golden. And for a holistic assessment of your business’s strengths and weaknesses, be sure to visit for show notes and access to the complimentary “five facets assessment”.

As always, I’ll try to keep the business wisdom flowing as freely as Dave’s management acumen. So stay with us for an episode that promises to align your strategic thinking with tangible action plans, and hey, maybe we’ll even talk about taking a stroll with goats. Let’s get started and think business!


Dave Newell is a family man who has found a unique way to blend nature with nurture through what his kids fondly call “goat therapy.” His home is a haven where his children’s laughter mingles with the gentle bleats of goats as they engage in playful walks through the woods. Affectionately termed “goat walks” by his family, these outings are more than just a pastime; they’re a ritual where the Newell children and their friends find solace and joy. As the goats amble and frolic alongside them, often hopping onto their backs in a display of kinship, the woods come alive with an innocent kind of magic.

Dave watches with quiet contentment as his eldest daughter leads the mini procession into a serene decompression from her school day. In the tranquil embrace of nature, she finds a momentary retreat, feeding and caring for their four-legged companions. For the Newell family, the woods are a place of healing and happiness, where goat play serves as both therapy and connection, shepherding them into peaceful evenings after the bustle of daily life.


  • Dave Newell owns a hobby farm with horses, goats, and chickens and even invited Tyler to go for a goat walk.
  • Dave initially resisted the idea of scaling his company but eventually embraced the growth due to market demand and has been pleased with the response.
  • Dave offers a workshop called “The Leadership of Trust” and extended a special 25% discount to podcast listeners with the code “podcast 25.”


Strategic Identity Importance
Businesses must define a strategic identity to differentiate themselves from competitors and guide decision-making. By aligning their vision and strategy with unique value propositions, like Quick Trip’s focus on clean bathrooms to attract customers, businesses can create a distinctive brand identity that resonates with their target audience, thereby enhancing customer loyalty and market position.

Leadership Balance Mastery
Success involves balancing authority with team enrollment. Effective leadership requires a fine calibration between establishing clear directives and empowering team members to contribute ideas and take ownership. This balance helps create a collaborative environment where the collective talent of the team drives the business forward, fostering growth and innovation.

Customer-Centric Differentiation
Businesses must prioritize customer pain points to stand out. By shifting from asking “what do we do?” to “what’s it for?” companies like Domino’s have harnessed customer feedback to drive product improvement and service innovation, demonstrating the power of customer-focused thinking to generate differentiation and growth.

Systematic Growth Scaling
As businesses expand, they face challenges such as maintaining core priorities and managing complexity. To seamlessly scale, it’s essential to streamline operations and apply systems thinking. Implementing frameworks that support stability and efficiency, ideally after some years of operation, can guide growing businesses through the scaling process without adding unnecessary complexity.


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