Abingdon Mullin’s Journey from Pilot to Successful Business Owner

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Show Notes:

✈️ “From Sky High Ambitions to Groundbreaking Success!” 🚀

✔️ Dive into the dynamism of Abingdon Mullin, a pilot and pioneering entrepreneur, on Think Business with Tyler!

✔️ Learn how networking and Alibaba transformed her watch company to soar with a 70% growth spurt!

✔️ Grab your earbuds and join Tyler Martin and Abingdon Mullin to unlock the secrets of thriving in business amidst adversity.


Today, we have the privilege of hosting an extraordinary entrepreneur, professional pilot, and adventure enthusiast, Abingdon Mullin. Founder of a remarkable watch company, Abingdon has successfully navigated the turbulent skies of the business world with almost 70% growth in her company over the past year, emphasizing digital marketing and establishing a strong retailer network during the challenging times of COVID-19.

An aviator by passion and a business mogul by profession, Abingdon sought to offer more than just timepieces; she created functional accessories specifically for women in fields like STEM. But her journey hasn’t been without its challenges. From learning the critical skill of delegation to standing in the Shark Tank, she’s embraced every experience to pivot her business towards impressive diversification.

We’ll dive deep into her partnership with Alibaba that helped her brand soar to new heights, her approach to training as a pilot, and how she turned unexpected situations into opportunities. Sharing stories of visibility, empowerment, and the power of community, Abingdon’s drive and dedication are not just propelling her business forward but are also helping to increase the number of women in aviation and adventure spaces.


Abingdon Mullin’s passion for aviation was ignited unexpectedly during her high school years. Unlike many aviators who inherit their zeal for the skies from preceding generations, Abingdon’s interest was sparked when two pilots wandered into a career lunch organized by her school’s career center.

In a time before the world of aviation was reshaped by the events of 9/11, these pilots painted a portrait of a profession that promised both adventure and livelihood through travel. Enthralled at the tender age of 14, Abingdon caught the proverbial “bug,” setting her heart soaring with dreams of flight that would go on to define her journey.


“Networking is important for business owners, and being seen in various events can lead to opportunities. Adding value is crucial, and it’s important to be visible and recognized in the business community.”

Delegating tasks, like managing retail accounts, played a crucial role in the business’s success. I struggled initially to delegate effectively, requiring multiple employees to learn the skill.”

“Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, the experience prompted me to pivot my business and cater to different industries and products for women. It was a nerve-wracking experience facing the sharks, but it helped me refine my business focus.”

“The company’s marketing success in 20 different countries is attributed to the visibility gained from customers breaking records and being featured in media, as well as a nonprofit foundation that provides scholarships internationally.”

“There’s growth in the number of women entering the aviation industry as pilots. Programs like Aviate and Propel are helping cover training costs and guaranteeing jobs, which is crucial for the increased presence of women in this space.”


Abingdon wears many hats as an entrepreneur but is also a professional pilot who flies mainly for fun now.

A customer credited Abingdon watches for helping her secure a job with a major airline due to a conversation sparked by the watch.

Abingdon Mullin’s company has a 43% repeat customer rate, indicating a strong and supportive community around the brand.


Embracing Networking for Business Growth
Abingdon highlights the significance of networking for entrepreneurs. Attending events and being actively visible in the business community can lead to unexpected opportunities and partnerships. Abingdon’s experience shows how networking, coupled with adding real value, fosters relationships and business growth. This proactive approach contributed to her company’s impressive 70% growth from 2022 to 2023, illustrating that networking is a fundamental strategy for scalable success.

Navigating Digital Marketing Trends
In response to the pandemic, Abingdon pivoted her business strategy, focusing on digital marketing to strengthen her retailer network. By establishing an online presence and leveraging platforms like Alibaba, she could sustain and expand her business amidst challenging times. Her journey underscores the importance for businesses to adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, ensuring they remain relevant and accessible to their target audience.

Effective Delegation for Efficiency
Abingdon shared her initial challenge with effective delegation, a vital skill for any growing business. She learned that empowering employees to manage different segments, such as retail accounts, was essential for scalability. This lesson serves as a reminder that entrusting tasks to a capable team can significantly improve operational efficiency and drive a company’s success, as experienced by Abingdon in her own enterprise.

Purpose-Driven Brand Storytelling
Abingdon Co’s success in 20 countries is rooted in a compelling brand story that resonates internationally. Abingdon Mullin’s focus on creating functional accessories for adventurous women not only fills a market niche but also weaves an inspiring narrative. This branding approach, leveraging customer experiences and aligning with a clear mission, proves to be powerful in establishing a strong and engaging presence both online and offline, which drives repeat business and customer loyalty.


1. Embrace Networking for Growth:

– Attend industry events and actively participate in the business community to create visibility for yourself and your company. This can lead to new opportunities for collaboration, partnerships, and growth.

2. Focus on Delegation to Scale Up:

– Identify key tasks within your business that can be delegated to other team members or outsourced. This will help you optimize operations and manage your time more effectively, enabling your business to scale up.

3. Leverage Social Media for Brand Storytelling:

– Create an active presence on social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Use storytelling to engage with your audience, highlighting customer successes and the unique aspects of your products or services.

Remember, applying these actionable tips can help you follow in the footsteps of successful entrepreneurs like Abingdon Mullin and drive your business forward.


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